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Great Futures




 At 3 p.m., 15 million kids have no place to go after school

 We believe that all kids deserve #GreatFutures. When school's out, Clubs are in. That's why we're mobilizing to take action so no child or teen goes unsafe or unguided.

Discover the importance of out-of-school time

Read our former CEO's editorial on the critical role of after-school and summer hours for young people.​

Learn about our impact

Boys & Girls Clubs of America puts out an annual survey of our membership as part of its National Youth Outcomes Initiative. This year's survey of more than 1,100 local members shows the following for King County children and teens:

  • In the healthy lifestyles area, 88% of Boys & Girls Club teens in King County reported abstaining from alcohol, vs. 65% of all US teens (as measured by the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System report).

  • In the academic success area, 91% of BGCKC youth and teens expect to attend college (with 33% expecting to earn a master's degree, PhD, MD or equivalent).

  • In the good character and citizenship area, 52% of BGCKC youth and teens reported that they volunteer for a community organization at least once a month. Another 25% volunteer about once a year.

Take action for King County's youth and teens

There are many ways to support our movement. In addition to choosing from a variety of ways to make a donation, you can volunteer your time or schedule a tour of your nearest Club. We also offer some lower-effort ways to help kids.

Get the nationwide picture

Learn about the challenges our youth are facing nationwide and what our Clubs are doing to meet these needs on Boys & Girls Clubs of America's Great Futures campaign page.