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Club Executive Director: Jamie Heil  ​425.250.4752

Events Manager for Boys & Girls Clubs of King County: Christina Ratkus  206.436.1828

Program Director: Caitlin Relyea 425.250.4753

Athletic Director: Alec Hinn  425.250.4756

Athletic Director: Caitlin Relyea 425.250.4754

Education Director: Jake Rivera 425.250.4755

Administrative Associate: Jessica Pearsall 425.250.4760

Teen Director: Casey Hewes 425.250.4751

Our Club Advisory Board

Our Club Advisory Board is essential to our success. The leadership and support provided by these individuals enable us to fulfill our mission each year. Thank you to members of our Board, who make it possible for us to thrive.

Advisory Board Executive Officers

President: Larry Garcia

Vice President: Aaron Crossley
Treasurer: Michelle Gartner
​Secretary: Debi Blaskovich

Board of Directors​​​


Andrew Allison

Gary Hartnett

Patty Paddon

Sadia Anees

​Laurie Hope
Clare Pedersen
Joe Bergevin
Rob Jensen
Kristen Sanger
Bob Davy

Louis Kotsakis

Matt Skager
Matt Eschbach

Laura Meek

Olivia Summerhill
Jen Goetze
Sue Meyer
Chris Haberle
Anthony Mikolasy

​​ ​​