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Teen Programs

Teen Employment

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Teen Drop-In

Our teen advisors and other staff provide a safe and positive place to participate in after-school activities. Teen members have the opportunity to be connected to pro-social activities in the areas of education, technology, arts and crafts, employment, recreation, athletics and musical expression in our studio program. Our goal is to provide memorable experiences in which teens can feel comfortable and have fun while building their leadership skills.


Monday-Friday, 2:30-7:30 p.m.

Please check back for the dates of our upcoming Late Nights and Open Mics.




Our yearly membership is only $36 per year.

For information regarding the Teen Center, programs, special events or membership fees, please contact our Teen Director at 206.436.1890.

Programs for the 2013-2014 School Year

Keystone Club

This national service and leadership development organization was created by Boys & Girls Clubs of America for teenagers 14-18. Keystone creates opportunities and maintains high standards of character, leadership, citizenship, health and education to help our teenagers grow into responsible, productive adults. Keystone Club members initiate local and national community outreach programs. Youth participate in activities in three focus areas: academic success, career preparation and community service. With the guidance of adult advisors, Keystone Club has a positive impact on members, the Club and the community.

Youth of the Quarter

Each quarter, a youth between the ages of 14 and 18 is selected for outstanding character, leadership, Club service, community service, academic performance and contributions to family and spiritual life. That youth joins 13 other teens throughout the county at the Space Needle to be recognized by their friends and family. Each youth makes a speech about what the Boys & Girls Club means to them. Youth of the Quarter are eligible to apply for countywide Youth of the Year (see below).

Youth of the Year

This program promotes and recognizes service to the Club and community, academic performance and contributions to family and spiritual life. Competition begins with each Club selecting a Youth of the Year, who receives a certificate and medallion. Winners enters the countywide competition, and the countywide winner goes on to the state competition. State winners receive a plaque and $1,000 scholarship, then enter the regional competition. Each of the five regional winners receives a $10,000 scholarship and enters the national competition held in Washington, DC. The National Youth of the Year receives an additional $15,000 scholarship, for a total of $26,000 in scholarships, and is recognized by the US President.

Year of Service

This initiative provides Club members with year-round opportunities to enjoy the lifelong benefits of service and civic engagement. The goal is to encourage good character and citizenship, with every Club member between the ages of 6 and 18 having a chance to serve in year-round volunteer service activities. Boys & Girls Clubs of America encourages Clubs to engage all members in at least one hour of service each year. Nationwide, we are moving closer to achieving our goal of one million members contributing one million hours of service. The initiative consists of eight signature opportunities:

  • MLK Day of Service, January 18-21, 2014—Commemorates the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by engaging youth in community-based service.
  • The Big Help, February 1-April 28, 2014—Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Nickelodeon join forces to encourage youth to take steps to make positive change in their communities. In April, Clubs are challenged to plan and implement projects that benefit the environment, such as recycling, energy conservation and tree planting.
  • Global Youth Service Day, April 26-28, 2014—Celebrates the contributions of youth to their communities through volunteer service. Members organize projects that address such issues as global climate change, illiteracy, poverty, hunger and homelessness.
  • United We Serve, May 1-September 10, 2014—Challenges Clubs to engage youth in service-learning activities during the summer months. Projects focus on the prevention of summer learning loss, environmental issues and community health.
  • National Day of Service and Remembrance, September 11, 2014—Clubs are asked to plan and implement service activities in honor of the sacrifices made in the name of our country and to pledge continued volunteer service.
  • Worldwide Day of Play, September 27-28, 2014—Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Nickelodeon encourage Clubs to plan an entire day committed to active play. Older members help plan and implement these exciting events.
  • National Family Week, November 24-30, 2014—This week promotes community service by encouraging families that have not yet made the commitment to volunteer.

One Member, One Hour Activities, Any day!

These activities engage all members in service, no matter the day of the year. Activities are for all ages and can be woven into various program areas.

Junior Staff

This program helps develop the qualified, competent and committed workforce needed to fulfill the mission of the Boys & Girls Club movement. Junior Staff promotes leadership development and career preparation while developing a strong sense of civic responsibility and a lifelong commitment to serving others. The program provides teen members with age-appropriate skill-building opportunities and hands-on Club work experience in four areas: career development, apprenticeship, customer service and community service.

Money Matters

Club staff utilize basic financial information and implement small-group activities through the Money Matters program. The fun Teen Personal Finance Guide contains practical tips and activities to help teens learn to balance a checkbook, create a budget and save for college and retirement. The Money Matters website helps teens build their money management skills through interactive activities, games and tools such as a savings and financial aid calculator to help them plan for college.

My Club My Life; Teen Reporter

Got something more to say than a Twitter or Facebook post allows? The Teen Reporter program might just be the gig for you. We train Club members to interview and use media arts to cover events at the Club, locally and nationally for From discussing ways to change the high-school dropout crisis to how to get a summer job in a weak economy, we want teens to inform, inspire and educate their peers. You'll learn how to ask questions, operate video equipment and take photos. Major League Baseball all-star games and interviews with the likes of Denzel, Oprah and Kobe have been among the choice assignments.

Drama Matters

Drama education builds self-confidence, sparks creativity and boosts academic achievement. This weekly program is segmented for beginner, intermediate and advanced members. Sessions consist of a short warm-up; a main activity of games, script work or performance; and a 10-minute cool-down. The Lessons in Stagecraft Program Guide includes many ways for members to express themselves creatively, from costumes to set design to directing.

Brotherhood (Passport to Manhood)

Teaches responsibility, reinforces positive behavior and develops character in adolescent males 11-14. Brotherhood is challenging, requiring adolescent males to understand and manage many issues and transitions. In this program, we address critical issues that young men face during this time, such as ethics, decision-making, wellness, fatherhood, careers, conflict, diversity, relationships and self-esteem. Each Club member is issued his own "passport" to underscore his personal journey of maturation and growth.

Sistahood (SMART Girls)

Sistahood offers young women 12 to 18 guidance toward healthy attitudes and lifestyles about eating right, staying fit, getting good health care, developing positive relationships and more. The program helps young women reach their full potential through dynamic sessions, group activities, field trips and mentoring opportunities with adult women. Other topics addressed include how the media influences attitudes about females; date rape and sexual harassment; sexually transmitted diseases; sexual myths and truths; getting regular gynecological care; and physical and emotional changes girls experience.

SafetyNet/Violence Prevention

Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative—Southeast Network

The SE Network SafetyNet Program serves youth between 12 and 17 who live or go to school in Southeast Seattle. Please contact Marty Jackson for a Referral Form or visit to find out more about eligibility criteria.

The mission of the Smilow Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club is to inspire and enable young people who need us most to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. Our core programming focuses on 1) academic success, 2) good character and citizenship and 3) healthy lifestyles.

However, we recognize that some youth need specialized, non-traditional, structured programming to reach their full potential in these three impact areas. So we created the SE Network SafetyNet Program in collaboration with the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI) and other community partners. This SafetyNet of specialized programming works to buffer some of the consequences of the many risk factors that our youth face. The SE Network SafetyNet has become a known protective factor that works to pull youth away from delinquency, violence and academic dropout.

The SE Network SafetyNet Program works passionately to coordinate, initiate, create and broker opportunities that build youth developmental assets and the emotional IQ teens need to be strong and resilient to life's challenges. It is our vision that any Club member who meets the eligibility criteria on the Referral Form and who wants to change their life direction can be a part of the SE Network SafetyNet Program. Members then receive access to life-changing support services.

For information regarding SYVPI, the SE Network SafetyNet or related programs and special events, please contact Network Director Marty Jackson, 206.436.1898.