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The Style Program was founded by Dan Finkley in 1993 as the Seattle Style Basketball Academy. Since inception, the program has annually been among the most successful select basketball programs statewide. Upon the 1997 unification with the Rotary Boys & Girls Club, the program took on the name Rotary Style. As a result of this partnership, the program obtained the capabilities and resources to provide children a balance of academics and high-level athletics, utilizing the resources of the Rotary Education Assistance Program (R.E.A.P.), SAT tutorial courses and computer training at the Computer Learning Center, all within the Rotary Boys & Girls Club.

The Style program is about more than just learning and improvement of basketball skills. Academics are stressed as a prerequisite for participation. Program participants are required to maintain a minimum C grade point average at all times. Players' grades are monitored by coaches, team parents and program administrators. Tutoring may be suggested for players who are deemed academically at-risk and is provided by the R.E.A.P. program.

Team Selection

The Style program fields teams in the 5th through 8th grade levels. Teams are selected by coaches through a try-out process. The number of teams and the number of players on each team are dictated by the talent of the athletes at the try-outs. Style will only field two teams in any particular grade level if there are enough quality players to establish a competitive team for the select level and if there is a committed coach willing to work with this group. It is possible that full squads may not be selected from the September try-outs and that players will be added to rosters throughout the course of the season to fill specific talent needs.

Coach Duties

The Style coaches make a huge investment of time in coaching your child for approximately eight months or longer. Coaches are not expected to lead fundraising duties. They are also not responsible for providing transportation for players to and from games or practice (though this happens regularly at each coach's discretion).

Complaints, questions and concerns should be directed to your Team Manager, not the coach. All parent concerns must be communicated to the Team Manager, whose responsibility will include addressing all such issues with the Style administration. Coaches will communicate directly with the players and the Style administration.

We ask that everyone stick to this policy: coaches deal with players; parents deal with Team Managers; and Team Managers deal with the administration and coaches.

Team Manager Duties

The Team Manager or Co-Team Managers are selected within the parent group. These individuals act as liaison between the coach and the parents. Team Managers are also responsible for calling and conducting parent meets and leading or assisting with fundraising efforts.

Parent Duties

The Team Manager is not the only parent with an important role. We ask that all parents volunteer to assist with team needs, including: fundraising, phone calling and communication; snack schedule; and car-pooling. These commitments by parents are not limited to those whose kids need the funds. All parents are expected to commit some time and energy to helping the team accomplish its fundraising goals. Please remember—the more everyone works together and communicates, the smoother your team will run and the more your child will benefit from the program.

Playing Time

Style is a select basketball program and has no mandatory rules about playing time. It is at the discretion of the coach as to how much time your child gets on the floor. While it is not the program philosophy to "win at all cost," we do expect our teams to be very competitive, and winning games is important. If your child has questions regarding his or her playing time, they can address them directly with the coach, who should be able to give them a straight-forward and honest answer.

Rotary Staff

Executive Director: Patrick Carter

Operations Manager: Grant Douglas

Senior Athletic Director: Daryll Hennings

Out-of-State Travel and Additional Tournaments

Teams are encouraged to participate in as many additional tournaments and leagues as seen fit by coaches and parents. However, a per-player fee may be proposed to finance these additional events. Additional events should be organized by a respective team parent and coach and communicated to the Style administration.

Portland and Yakima Trips

These trips are financed by way of either team fundraising efforts or per-player fee. These trips usually cost between $45 and $65 per player (dependent upon where and how long we stay). Detailed information will appear in program newsletters.

AAU National Championship

Qualifying to represent the State of Washington and the Pacific NW Region at the annual AAU National Championships is the common goal for all Style teams. The Nationals are usually held in the Southeastern region of the United States during the months of June, July and August. This is usually the highlight of youth summer basketball for ages 10-17.