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Sammamish Boys & Girls Club Programs


NEW: Before & After School Programs

Beginning in September, we will be working with the Sammamish City Council in an effort to expand the Teen Center into a full service, school-age inclusive, Boys & Girls Club. The site will be called Sammamish Boys & Girls Club and will add licensed school-age programming before and after school to address the significant need for such services in the community.

This expansion will allow us to serve families that have been displaced due to the recent loss of programming space at Smith and McAuliffe Elementary Schools. Expanding the Sammamish Teen Center into a full-service Club, with licensed programs for kids ages 5-12, will allow us to serve many more kids every day with our high-quality programming in a setting designed specifically for them. Maximum daily capacity is anticipated to be over 100 kids. The exact amount will be determined by the state DEL during the licensing process. In addition to serving the Club members previously attending Smith and McAuliffe, we will be able to expand our reach to more elementary schools within the City of Sammamish boundaries – including both Lake Washington and Issaquah school districts. BGCKC will provide safe transportation to and from the Club. Programming will have a focus on social and emotional learning as we look to increase our impact in our three primary outcome areas of academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles. Contact us​ for more information.​

At this time, we will no longer offer an after school teen drop-in program. Rather, the teen leadership and community service programs (Keystone and Torch Clubs) will be offered during evening hours. If you are looking for alternative after school options for your teen(s), please check-out the Sammamish Y Programs​.


Keystone is a nationally recognized Boys & Girls Clubs of America program. The program focuses on building leadership development in our high school members through community service, academic success and career exploration and development. We meet weekly throughout the school year and use our time to plan various projects pertaining to the above areas of focus. In the past, Keystone has made sandwiches to feed the homeless in Seattle, participated in stream restoration and run a jean drive for local teens. These are high school students who want to make a difference in their community and are working hard to do so. Meetings are weekly on Wednesdays from 1 - 1:45 p.m. Contact Kaylee for more information.

Torch Club

This club is a place that gives teens in grades 6 through 8 an opportunity to volunteer and perform service to their community. This includes food and clothing drives, cleaning up parks and trails, and bake sales. While community service is the most prominent aspect of Torch Club, the club is also centered in three other areas including education, health and fitness, and social recreation. Torch Club is a fun way for teens to become leaders and give back to the Sammamish community by volunteering. Torch Club runs from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays. 


Smart Girls is a group for girls in grades 6 through 8, where building friendships is easy. We talk about social media and the light it shines on teens and important roles girls/women have in the world. Girls set goals for themselves regarding healthy lifestyle habits and making good choices. Most important is that we have fun! This group starts weekly on Tuesdays beginning October 8 and will run from 4 - 5 p.m. Contact us for more information.

Wise Guys

This club is made by guys, for guys. We will do guy things like make movies, hold video game and sports tournaments, watch comedies and action movies and eat man food. The first meeting will be held Friday October 3 at 5 p.m. Contact us​ for more information.


The Counselor-in-Training program is designed for our older Club kids who have grown out of our elementary and middle school-aged programs but still want to be a part of the Club. Every summer we select teens to volunteer with us for our summer sports and theme camps. Quite often we hear the reason they want to be a CIT is because their camp experiences have been memorable and want to ensure others have the same experience. They get on-the-job training skills during this time to learn what it takes to work in youth development. While at work, our CITs work with a staff person who mentors them and encourages their professional development. We encourage anyone who is interested in a job with us to apply for this program. Contact us​ for more information.

Homework Help

Our staff realizes how important academic success is to our members' futures. Every day we have a designated quiet time and space for our members to complete their homework and receive assistance from staff or our volunteer tutors. We want to support our families as much as possible so we work more closely with some of our members' parents to ensure that homework is being completed on time. Contact us​ for more information.

Cheer - Eastside Dream Elite

This beginning- to intermediate-level squad performs around the community at UW Basketball halftimes, Storm halftime and many other places! This team focuses on performance cheer and dance, and beginning tumbling. It is a prerequisite for the advanced team, Power Squad. Ages 7-18. For information regarding the cheer program, contact Anne with Eastside Dream Elite. Click here to register.

Junior Staff

We're looking for future Club mentors. Junior Staff helps run the Keystone Cafe, front desk, plan and run daily activities. This is a great way to experience hands on learning in the work environment but also help mentor our younger members. For information on how to become a Junior Staff, contact Kaylee​.