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Early Learning


We offer both preschool (ages 4 and 5) and Pre-K programs. Our Pre-K programs encourage positive social development and good learning habits. In each program, our staff creates a fun, enriching environment in which members receive plenty of individual attention.

To learn more about our individual early learning programs, please visit our Early Learning and Child Care page with links to each site divided by region.

Meet the Staff

​Early Learning & Child Care Staff Feature

Staff Spotlight Lisa Oordt, ELCC Lawton

Club staff has everything to do with BGCKC's success and fueling the Great Futures of our members. Lisa Oordt, Child Care Director at Lawton Elementary in Magnolia, has helped create a positive place for Club kids for 25 years.

"Lisa has been the go-to for our directors for years," said Doug Chidgey, Regional Director of ELCC – NW Region. "She has a great sense of humor and is always willing to resolve any issue."

Lisa started her career with BGCKC as a summer camp counselor when she was home from Washington State University in the mid 1980's. She worked three summers at the Mercer Island Branch. "It was great fun and I loved the staff and Club kids I worked with," said Oordt.

After graduation She went on to working at the Ballard location in 1989 and then was offered the chance to help open the Lawton location in Magnolia in 1990.

"Lawton was the second Seattle school to renovate and add a dedicated morning and afternoon space for kids," said Oordt. "It has been my Club from the beginning and these experiences solidified my decision to have a long-term  career with BGCKC."

Oordt says she truly loves the B&G Club philosophy and the people she works with. "I enjoy serving the kids and parents in the community," Oordt said with a smile. "This is a positive organization and I'm proud to help the youth in our community. I feel very fortunate that with my position I can always be around the kids. They inspire me to be a better person.  I am lucky to spend time with the Club kids every day."

"And oh how the kids make me laugh," chuckled Oordt. "Looking back over all these years it's hard to pick just one or two wonderful memories that stand out, there are so many. The day to day smiles and laughter is what makes coming into work every day special."

In addition to their humor Oordt commented that the Club kids amaze her with their perseverance and willingness to adapt to almost any situation and their inquisitiveness for all things new.

"We like to choose activities that will hold the kids' interest and pique their curiosity," said Oordt. "One parent told me that their six-year-old came home and taught the family three card games and how to knit a scarf. The parents asked the child where they learned how to do those things and the child said Boys & Girls Club! We ask the kids what they like to do (within reason) and build from there. We strive for well-balanced activities such as crafts, cooking, building, large group games, outdoor time and art."

Recently Oordt and her team have been working on developing the Club kids leadership skills by allowing them more control of what happens in the Club.

"They are taking on more ownership and the older kids are encouraged to be mentors to the younger kids.  It's great to see this evolve and the kids step up to the challenge."​