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Teen Employment


Teens often face economic hardships and lack the social networks and professional role models to gain access to college or career fields that match their ambitions. Boys & Girls Clubs of King County meets this need in two ways: through our YouthForce paid teen internship program and through Junior Staff at our Clubs.


In this youth career development program, we help teens develop a post-high school plan and find answers to their questions about college and careers.

Our combination of individual coaching, paid internships and skill-building workshops helps them build resumes and expand their contacts.

We network with some of the best organizations around Seattle to locate fun and rewarding internship positions in places like CenturyLink Stadium and Microsoft. These companies provide managers and mentors who give on-the-job guidance and assign tasks and projects that contribute to the company's goals.

To learn more about YouthForce or current internship opportunities, visit!

YouthForce Fact Sheet

"YouthForce is more than just a job. It allows us to learn and grow whether it's when we're at work or not. It gives us so many opportunities that people can't usually say they've had. Having one-on-one help with our financial questions, or having the Dream Project there to help us with college, is just setting us up to succeed in life. Not many people can say their first jobs did that for them."

—Sabrene, TeamWork Coordinator


Junior Staff

Each year, Clubs across the county hire teens as part-time staff in our Club programs. These Junior Staff serve as critical role models for younger youth while learning necessary job skill basics. Many of our current adult full-time staff had their start as Junior Staff.​