Registration for 2020-21 school year opens April 6 for returning families, and April 20 for the public.

See Pre-K program information here.


The Ballard Boys & Girls Club offers before and after school programs serving Whittier, Adams, Salmon Bay, Cascadia, Loyal Heights, West Woodland and North Beach elementary schools.​ Vans pick up kids from Loyal Heights, Whittier, Adams, West Woodland and North Beach each afternoon, while a staff member walks Salmon Bay students to the Club. A yellow school bus brings kids to us from Cascadia.

Hours Of Operation

Morning Program: 7:00 a.m. until school starts
Afternoon Program: End of school day until 6:30 p.m.

Daily Afternoon Schedule

2:15 Kids from North Beach, Loyal Heights, West Woodland and Whitter arrive and have free time in the room, or the
option to play in the games room, gym, field, playground (on a rotating schedule).

3:30-4:15 – Kids from all other schools arrive, snack is served and group time happens (group
time includes community-building activities, reflection discussions, and telling the kids what the
options for the day are).

4:30-5:15 – Option time: groups have a rotating schedule for room usage, but each day they will
have the choice of an active option (gym, field, fitness room, playground), a creative option
(arts/crafts, science, gardening, cooking), and Power Hour (homework and reading time).

5:15-5:45 – Power Half Hour: all kids do homework and/or reading time (unless they completed it
during option time 1).

5:45-6:30 – Free choice, and time to finish up any projects from option time 1.

Each week on Wednesdays there are seasonal mini-clubs that children can choose from. Some options
include: chess club, gardening club, reading club, Active Girls Club, Smart Girls, Dude Time, dodgeball
club, running club, Pokémon club, Magic Card club, or robotics.

Information and Forms for Download

Child Care Family Handbook

2019-20 School Year Fee Sheet


Your youth will face many new experiences and challenges as a middle school student and we want to be there to mentor and support them through this influential time.  If you haven't thought about enrolling your youth in the Challenger After School Program before, now's the time! The Ballard Boys & Girls Club offers after school transportation from Whitman Middle School. Teens from other schools are welcome to attend provided they have transportation to the Club.

Daily Afternoon Schedule

3:25 – Salmon Bay Releases; Students Walk Over To Club

3:45-3:55 – Vans Pick Up At Whitman Middle School

3:25-4:15 – Structured Free Time (Challengers have time to run off steam and socialize)

4:15-4:30 – Group Time (Challengers check in with staff and learn about activity options for the day)

4:30-5:30 – Option Time (Challengers participate in active and creative activities facilitated by staff)

5:30-6:00 – Power Half Hour (Challengers work on homework, read, or complete brain teasers)

6:00-6:30 – Structured Free Time (Challengers participate in free time activities with staff)​

Activities Options

Each day, Challengers are provided three options to choose from: one active, one creative, and one additional. Included in these daily options are a variety of weekly mini-clubs.

Sample Schedule For Weekly Mini-Clubs

High School


Keystone Clubs are chartered, small-group leadership development clubs for high school teens. Keystone focuses on three core areas: community service, academic success, career preparation. Members plan and organize their own community service projects, social events, and fundraisers throughout the school year. The Ballard Keystone Club meets Mondays from 6-7 PM, September through June. Teens considering joining Keystone are always welcome to visit any of our weekly meetings.