On Tuesday, July 17th, more than 3,300 containers of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds arrived at Boys & Girls Clubs of King County: a generous donation from TRP Company & Dae Young Corporation!

Teens, kids, and staff from the Smilow Rainier Vista Club helped unload a packed truck. They couldn't believe how many jars there were (in total, making for more than 165,000 servings)! By the time all containers were unloaded, youth were cheering on the street and there were smiles all around. It took an entire Club working as a team, but the day ended in success and tasty chocolate sunflower seed snacks!

Staff loaded up cars and vans to make deliveries to our 29 Clubs across the county, and all are excited for the many days ahead with this yummy treat. Thank you to TRP Company, Dae Young Corporation, and Tom Herche with United Warehouses for assistance, from Boys & Girls Clubs of King County!