The Boys & Girls Club strives to promote healthy lifestyles, academic success, and good character & citizenship to our Club members for them to take those values into the rest of their lives.

New in 2019, our Club staff, members, parents, and communities worked together to outline clear steps to ensure healthy lifestyles at our Clubs, including a focus on nutritious food options and food waste education.

Kirkland's ahead of the curve, as they already have two programs in place that align with the new Club healthy lifestyles practices!

Budget Bites

This mini-club encourages kids to eat healthy snacks!

Kids get to create a snack and learn skills such as chopping, slicing, and cooking.

Kids work as a group to complete the snack and enjoy sharing their finished product together!

Ecology Adventures

This new mini-club promotes the environment by teaching kids how fun it is to help take care of the Earth!

We promote composting at the Club and have been working on a year-long project to create nutrient-rich soil with worms!

Kids enjoy getting their hands dirty and adding fresh compost every week!