Sacajawea Torch Club‘s young members (kindergarten through 5th grade) are motivated to improve their communities and help others. Recently, the kids raised $600 for new mats at Sacajawea Elementary's gym, selling baked goods they made themselves at the Club.

Since then, the kids have taken an interest in and are learning all about animals.

On Wednesday May 15, Brenna from Pasado's Safe Haven came to talk to the Sacajawea Torch Club about how they can help animals in need.

Club kids raise their hands to answer speaker's questions Kids participate in activity showing how one cat in a home can turn into 36

Pasado's Safe Haven helps animals in several different ways, including offering free spay & neutering services to prevent animal homelessness, organizing pet food banks so furry family members are taken care of, and working to change government policies to protect animals experiencing cruelty.

Inspired by the talk, Torch Club kids are now organizing goodie bags for those with pets in need. The bags will contain donated dog and cat treats as well as handmade cards.

Club kids draw cards Club kids address envelopes

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