Kirkland Teens Raise $500 for Families Affected by Wildfires

Kirkland Keystone

Our Teen Program was very successful in generating funds for families affected by the wildfires in Malibu, California.

The teen-led Keystone and Torch Club groups held Parents Night Out sessions once a month to give parents extra time out on Fridays by hosting dinnertime with a movie for Kirkland Club kids. Parents Night Out raised $500 for the Malibu Boys & Girls Club Teen Center families affected by the wildfires this past year. The Teen Program donated the funds along with gift cards, and supplies in June.

They also raised an additional $1000 in funds, which helped make improvements to the Kirkland Teen Center. We are very proud of the hard work our teens put in this year, and want to thank all of the families who participated in Parents Night Out.

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