VINE 2019 Event Recap


Our 18th Annual VINE Auction was held Saturday, June 8 at Cedarbrook Lodge. VINE, hosted by longtime Club advocates Brad and Marisa Walker, raised $250,000 this year in support of Club kids. Many of the auction guests have attended VINE since its inception in 2002. We are tremendously grateful to Brad and Marisa for all they do to support youth in our community, and for engaging so many others in this important work.

On June 8, supporters enjoyed exceptional food and wine pairings, as well as an opportunity to bid on exclusive travel experiences, world-class wines, and more. They also had the chance to hear from our 2019 Youth of the Year, Piper, about how the Ballard Club provided her a sense of belonging.

“The smallest actions make the biggest differences,” Piper said. “The small gestures of kindness I felt at the Club shaped me into who I am today and put me on a path that I don’t ever want to get off.”

To all the individuals and companies who have contributed to VINE’s success over the years: thank you for making a difference in the lives of kids and teens! Your commitment helps ensure young people like Piper have the guidance and resources they need to achieve their goals.

Finally, special thanks to our VINE sponsors for making this event possible!