Shravya's Day at Camp

At summer camp, Club kids go on field trips, play games, explore their curiosities, and develop leadership skills. Join Shravya, a camper at the Kirkland Club for a day at Harry Potter-themed Art Camp!


shravya writing brain gain


Shravya arrives at the Kirkland Club and joins the group in their Summer Brain Gain activities. In Brain Gain, campers spend 20 minute intervals on math, reading, and social & emotional learning. During this time, Shravya reads a book about Superman and practices how to deal with a bully.



shravya playground


Every day, campers get nutritious food and active play time to practice a healthy lifestyle. Shravya grabs her snack and goes outside to play her favorite game, Lava Monster, with her friends.



shravya crafting


Arts & Crafts time! Shravya and her fellow campers head to the art room to create and decorate Harry Potter bookmarks!




shravya lunchtime


Today, campers get to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone while eating lunch. For her lunch, Shravya enjoys a sandwich and fruit.




shravya crafting1


For the last activity of the day, campers return to the art room to choose and decorate a pet to bring to Hogwarts. Shravya chooses an owl, just like Harry!







At Boys & Girls Clubs, we believe that all kids should have a safe, fun, and enriching summer experience!

With the help of generous donors, 288 kids received full or partial scholarships to participate in summer camps in 2019! Thank you!


Thank you to Lisa Bontje for the beautiful photos!