Update for Summer 2020: Day Camp will be held at Peter Kirk Elementary to help ensure safety measures and social distancing are being practiced. For more information regarding our Club policies and procedures to help protect against COVID-19, please reach out to the Club for our written plan.

Kirkland Boys & Girls Club offers an exciting summer program for youth going into 1st – 9th grades looking to meet new people, take fun trips, and be active in a safe, supportive environment.

Summer Camp registration opens February 3 at 7 PM. Visit DASH to register, or contact the Club if you need assistance.


Hours of Operation: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Kids can be dropped off between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and picked up after field trips return at 4 p.m.

**Weekly summer schedules and activities to come.

1st – 5th grades

We have a variety of summer camps for elementary school kids going into 1st – 5th grades.

For parents wanting specialty camps, we also offer a STEAM and Art Camp.

  • STEAM Camp (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is for kids going into 4th – 7th grades.
  • Art Camp is for kids going into 1st – 4th grades.

Each camp offers new and exciting activities each week!

Please remember to bring lunch, water, book, and good walking shoes every day! On Fridays, pack a swimsuit, towel, and change of clothes for your kiddo as we'll head to the beach!


We offer Teen Camp for middle school and high school students going into 7th – 9th grades. We also offer Pre-Teen Camp for kids entering 5th and 6th grades. While we don't offer Summer Camp for teens going into 10th – 12th grades, we do invite them to join our CIT Program (see below) or check with other Clubs about Teen Summer Camps.

Four days each week we take our Teen and Pre-Teen Camps on field trips throughout the Seattle area, including water parks, hikes, beach trips, and more! Teens and pre-teens also have one Club Day each week, where they stay at the Club and enjoy activities in the Teen Room!

To promote personal responsibility and trust building, we give our teens additional privileges as part of our summer program. Teens are allowed to bring up to $20 to spend on field trips, walk around in groups of 3-6 on certain field trips, and use approved electronic devices during our free time period each day.

Please remember to bring a lunch, water, swim suit and towel, book, and good walking shoes every day!


We also offer athletic sports camps for grades K-5. Our athletic camps help teach kids the fundamentals of a variety of sports. They keep youth engaged in physical health throughout the summer and teach healthy habits. Sports Camp also goes on several sports related field trips and beach days.

  • Week 1: All Star
  • Week 2: Volleyball & Ultimate Frisbee
  • Week 3: Basketball
  • Week 4: Dodgeball
  • Week 5: All Star
  • Week 6: Flag Football & Cheerleading
  • Week 7: Basketball
  • Week 8: Baseball & Kickball
  • Week 9: Soccer

**More information to come to our athletics page.

Counselor in Training (CIT)

Our CIT Program is for youth grades 8th – 12th.

The goal of the CIT Program is for youth to learn new skills and see what it is like to work as part of our summer camp staff. Several of our CIT's go on to become summer camp staff when they are older.

CIT's assist camp directors and summer camp staff with several duties, including helping to coordinate daily schedules, planning activities for campers, helping supervise campers, and attending weekly field trips.

Only a current membership and an account are required to participate in the program. For questions or to sign up, please contact our Program Director, Casey Hewes