Check out our Virtual Club page. Fun and educational activities for at-home families. It also includes other helpful links for food resources, and more!  

Select Boys & Girls Clubs of King County are open for essential workers. See the list of open Clubs below. All athletic programs are postponed until further notice.

We continue to follow all guidelines set out by Public Health under which our Clubs operate.

Support is also available for homeless youth, and youth experiencing foster care. Contact one of the Clubs listed below for more information.

Essential workers who need youth care during the CV-19 health crisis in the Greater Seattle area can attend any of our open Clubs for a joining fee of $50. We are waiving the daily cost of $25 per person for these workers until school districts reopen.

Open Clubs: 

  1. Bagley (7am-4pm)
  2. Ballard(8am-5pm)
  3. Bainbridge Island (8am-5:30pm)
  4. BF Day (7am-4pm)
  5. Federal Way 8th (7am-6pm)
  6. Kirkland (8am-5:30pm)
  7. Lawton (7am-4pm)
  8. Mercer Island(8am-5:00pm)
  9. North Seattle (8am-6pm)
  10. Renton-Skyway Club (10am-6pm) (Teen Center)
  11. Ron Sandwith Teen Center (9am-4pm)
  12. Rotary (8am-6pm)
  13. Sacajawea (7am-4pm)
  14. Salmon Bay (7am-4pm)
  15. Sammamish (8:30am-6pm)
  16. Smilow Rainier Vista (8am-6pm) (Teen program is open 10am-6pm)
  17. Southwest (7am-6pm)
  18. Tukwila (7am-4pm)
  19. View Ridge (8am-5pm)
  20. Wallingford(7am-6pm)

We continue to closely monitor guidelines from Governor Inslee’s office, King County Board of Health, Department of Children, Youth, and Families, and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Our focus is to support families experiencing challenges due to school closures by ensuring youth have a fun, educational safe place to go during the day while family members work. We welcome all kids in our community.

We are working to be as flexible and responsive as possible to our Club family and community needs in this time of upheaval. We thank all of our staff, Club families, sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and our community for your incredible support as we address this emerging situation.

For Renton School District, meals are available for any child, ages 1-18 in the front lot of each Renton School district from 11 am to 12 pm Monday through Friday. Meals are “grab and go” and intended for off-campus. The child must be present to receive a meal.


What will capacity be at the open Clubs? 

Club capacity varies, however, we are following a 9:1 ratio and social distancing guidelines. 

What steps are you taking to help protect Club members and staff? 

We are following the guidelines from Governor Inslee’s office, King County Board of Health, Department of Children, Youth, and Families, and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Public Health Guidance for Childcare under which our Clubs fall.

We previously instituted additional sanitation and cleaning procedures to address the emerging concern. We are also conducting health screenings for everyone entering our Clubs that include:  

  • Temperatures are taken before entry; if it is over 100 degrees, staff or youth will be sent home and encouraged to contact their primary care provider.
  • Families and staff are asked at drop off if they have had contact with anyone who has had a confirmed case of the Coronavirus or is currently awaiting test results in the last 14 days.
  • If the answer is yes, the youth is unable to attend and the staff is unable to return to work until after the quarantine period has elapsed
  • We will continue to require Youth & Staff to wash their hands upon arrival at the club and will wash thoroughly before eating meals or snacks and through the day.
  • If a club experiences a confirmed case of Coronavirus of either a staff member or one of our youth, the Club will close down for at least two days to allow for the disinfection of all surfaces within the club.

In addition, all drop/offs and pickups occur outside the Club. 

Do you have enough space for social distancing? 

Yes. We are following all social distancing guidelines from the State. 

How many kids do you usually serve in your Clubs when they are open?

We typically see over 2,000 youth throughout our 34 Clubs, when school districts are open.

How many kids are you seeing at the remaining open Clubs during this health situation? 

It's difficult to tell at this time how many families will be in need of our services due to the rapidly changing and emerging news as the state and community leaders pivot to address the situation. We have room at all open Clubs for those families that need support.

How many staff will you have at these Clubs?

We have revised our usual kid to staff ratio of 15:1 (and 20:1 for teens), to 9:1 for all members, based on the current recommendations to address the health crisis in the Greater Seattle area.  

How much will this extended program support cost?

  • Through the end of May, there’s no additional cost to current youth and teen Club members.  New members are responsible for paying a $50 membership fee, plus $25 a day (Occupational Workers are exempt).
  • Starting April 1, current members that are non-Occupational Workers will pay the $25/day for the extended programming.
  • Occupation workers will receive extended programming at no cost. Non-Club members pay the $50 membership fee.
  • New teen members will only pay a $50 membership fee. 

Is financial assistance available? 

Yes! We are fast-tracking scholarships for those that may need financial assistance to join a Club. 

Wouldn't it just be safer for families to keep kids at home? 

We understand that families may choose to keep kids at home, but for those who cannot work from homes, such as first responders, healthcare workers, grocery workers, etc., or those who without alternatives for watching kids during school closures, we're here to support them. 

How can I support the Clubs?

If you're looking for more ways to support Boys & Girls Clubs, here's what the Clubs could use a few more of right now. You can drop them at any open Club. We'll be happy to give you a safe-distance air high-five for your support!

-Cleaning supplies (wipes, cleaning sprays, paper towels, gloves, etc.)
-Packaged, single-serving snacks (without nuts)