During most years of summer camp, kids go on multiple field trips a week to museums, beaches, parks, pools, and more. Kids enjoy exploring Washington nature and absorbing different cultural experiences.

Our team is doing whatever it takes to keep kids safe and reduce the risk of possible exposure to CV-19, including revamping the usual summer field trips to other creative ideas, such as an escape room at our Kirkland Club!

Middle and high school Club members collaborated to create an escape room activity for the elementary kids. An escape room involves a series of puzzles, which the players have to work together to solve to find their way out.

According to a camper named Ellie: “[The escape room] was kind of hard and kind of frustrating, but it was fun and I learned not to give up!”

Another camper named Drew shared: “It was super fun. I think the most important thing I learned was teamwork. We all had to work as a team in order to get out in time.”

This year has challenged all of us to be more innovative to meet the needs of our community. And through it all, staff at the Club are committed to providing safe, educational, and fun programming for our members, no matter the circumstance.

Kirkland Escape Room1 Kirkland Escape Room2 Kirkland Escape Room3 Kirkland Escape Room4