Community Power Growing Even Bigger this Thanksgiving

The following article was written and contributed by Dominique Mesick, a member of the Smilow Rainier Vista Club Advisory Board and Senior Account Manager at Insight Global. Thank you to Dominique and her generous network!

As the newest member of the Smilow Rainier Vista (SRV) Club Advisory Board, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who have paved the way for excellence when it comes to serving SRV youth and their families. This group undoubtedly laid a strong foundation that has enabled me to step in and focus on growing our reach and impact through my own networks. Professionally, I am equally blessed to work alongside some of the most generous individuals at Insight Global who truly exemplify one of our company’s shared values “Everyone Matters”.

During our most recent board meeting, we committed as a team to contributing what we were able to a fund that would be used to purchase turkeys to pair with nonperishable ingredients for the families that rely on our Clubs services. As I do in most instances where I am looking for support, I turned to my work family and shared the opportunity. The donations from my colleagues started coming in immediately and by the end of the day, we had generated over $500 for the “turkey fund” for families of SRV.

Then the magic grew even greater – one of my colleagues, Kaitlin Hazle, who sits at our corporate office in Atlanta, happened to be on the list of folks I shared the ask with. Considering this ask was specifically to support families in Seattle, she could have easily ignored the message and went about her day. But (unsurprisingly) I saw a donation come through from her and was overwhelmed by the kindness.

Moments later an email arrived asking me to introduce her to someone at a Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta so her team could do the same. I immediately called the Chamblee Boys & Girls Club (the location closest to our corporate headquarters) and spoke with LaSonya Hendrix who I then connected with Kaitlin. In a weeks’ time, the team in Atlanta generated enough funds to purchase and deliver 40 turkeys and some Kroger gift cards for the families of the Chamblee Boys & Girls Club.

There is so much joy in being a part of a team. And to witness two separate teams I am a part of come together for a shared cause has me feeling abundantly grateful.