New eSports Program for Teens

At our Clubs, playtime takes many forms, and with teens, our new eSports program is a popular activity.

With the goal to inspire and encourage youth in areas they are already expressing interest, our eSports program allows our Teen Directors to provide quality programming that aligns with what teens are excited about. Senior Teen Director at the Wallingford Club Tré Beauchamp saw an opportunity to build on something that youth already enjoy.

Teens have the opportunity to play games including Madden NFL and Rocket League, just to name a few.

Teens from different Clubs play and compete against one another in games like Madden NFL and Rocket League. Across the county, teens are building friendships, thus creating a closer-knit community. In a time where we are all physically distant, video games have the capability to build community.

In fact, according to a study from the Pew Research Center, for teenagers, especially boys, video games “act as a venue for the creation and maintenance of friendships”. Youth who are excited by this new program are bringing friends to the Club, and we’re seeing a higher attendance in our teen programs.