Federal Way Back to School Day

To prepare for the upcoming school year, the Federal Way team including the Club Advisory Board (CAB), collaborated with Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) to host a back-to-school event! 

Over the course of the day, 274 community members joined in the fun. Laurie Black, President & CEO, enthusiastically greeted families while Duwayne Le’i, Federal Way Operations Director, emceed the day. Kids picked out backpacks filled with school supplies, a barber lent his services to the day, families won prizes, and volunteers served a delicious picnic lunch.

Thrilled to receive new backpacks, many kids sat on the grass and looked through all the supplies packed inside. 

A third grader discovered an unusual tool in her bag, asked her mom about it, and learning about her new protractor, got excited for math class in the upcoming school year.

We are so grateful for our community partners who helped us make this event a success. From our Federal Way Club Advisory Board volunteers, to corporate partners at Boeing, and CHPW, all these partners contributed what they had to offer and helped make this a memorable event. 

In an effort to support all the health and safety needs of families, all CHPW members get a free membership to Boys & Girls Clubs across greater Seattle. Nici Feldhammer, Manager, Business Development at CHPW talks about our partnership: “We are both committed to serving the community, showing up for those who need access to services.

Employees from Boeing donated school supplies and a few even attended the event as volunteers! Boeing volunteer Jason says “I grew up in this community here so it is very important for me to give back.”  

After a community-filled day of fun, families showed energy and excitement for the upcoming school year. Thank you to the Federal Way team for organizing!