Our Club community is so special. The programs and activities certainly play a big role in making the club what it is. However, it is truly the people inside the Club who shape the Club experience.  

The Ballard team awards a youth member and staff member of the month as well as a staff member of the year who show exemplary leadership skills at the Club.

Meet Ballard’s Youth Member of the Month: Willa!


“Willa has been nominated member of the month because she is kind, genuine, and full of spirit. She is helpful to others and to the staff, and helps create a fun, safe environment for all. She cares about her peers and advocate’s for treating everyone with respect and compassion. Willa goes out of her way to let others know how much she cares. Congrats, Willa!”

We’re so lucky to have you in the Ballard community, Willa!

Meet Ballard’s Staff of the Month: Kate Ahrens

“Kate has been a counselor with the lions and tigers since november 2021 and is an invaluable member of the Ballard team! Recently took over as lead staff in the tigers room and has certainly risen to the occasion. She has gone above and beyond, and is someone to look up to. She has shown great patience as a member to our 4th and 5th grade youth. We’re thrilled to award her staff of the month for her hard work and leadership”

Thanks, Kate, for all you do!

Meet Ballard’s Staff of the Year: Amie Cogan

“A little belated, but we wanted to honor our 2021 staff of the year to Amie Cogan! She does everything from teaching Pre-K to making snacks for our after school program, to greeting parents and caregivers at the front door. She cares deeply about this Club and everyone in it. Her compassion and support has got us all through the tough year that was 2021.”

We appreciate you, Amie!

A common thread between all these incredible Boys & Girls Clubs of King County members, is the fact they all deeply care for the people around them. That is the essence of the Club! Friendship propels us and makes a stronger community. Ballard is a special place and we’re so grateful for Willa, Kate, Amie and everyone who makes it the wonderful place it is!