Escape Room Field Trip Adventure

Field trips are back! Teens and staff alike are thrilled that this summer we are safely able to integrate field trips into programming again.

Field trips are a fabulous opportunity to experience something new and bond with peers outside of the Club.

Teens at our Mercer Island Club had the opportunity to visit an escape room experience in Seattle! There, they had to work as a team to solve the escape room puzzle. Exercising their critical thinking and communication, they were able solve the puzzle with moments to spare!

Teen Director, Jonny Model, was thrilled to be able to take teens on this adventure. As a matter a fact, he was able to match the Teen’s energy and was just as excited to join in on this activity!

Field trips are here to stay! This summer, the Mercer Island Club is offering a Teen Excursion Camp, which has a jam-packed schedule, filled with exciting field trips. We’re so excited to see all fabulous adventures teens take on this summer.