Posted on: January 1, 1970


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Nathan Porter, Southwest Club Member of the Month

A member for the past 5 years, Nathan started coming to the club because his sister wanted to do a robotics program. Like most brothers, he didn’t want to do the same things that his sister wanted to do. That along with being shy, he didn’t really engage in too many programs unless they were mandatory. Nathan has had struggles has overcome a lot growing up. He eventually came out of his shell and this past year stepped up to a leadership role as the Keystone President. Nathan has participated in Teen Talk, Discover U, Teen Challenges, Late Night, Club Read, and especially loves doing concessions for Keystone.

“…Being part of the Club helped me make friends and feel like I belong to something worthwhile besides my family. I have had the opportunity to go on trips around the area and I even helped out with the little kids so I can feel like I am contributing to a noble cause. I like that a lot—being reliable and someone others can look up to. Now that I am over six feet tall, they have to look up pretty far.” -from Nathan’s Youth of the Quarter Speech


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