Ellie Hooman | Human Resources Manager

As the mother of two Mercer Island Club kids, Ellie has seen firsthand the impacts Boys and Girls Clubs programming has on the youth we serve.  This experience helps drive her passion for providing guidance and support to our most valuable resource, our exceptional staff!  Prior to joining the movement, Ellie spent the last decade working in both state and local government. She works with our staff at Clubs throughout King County to enhance employee engagement, improve policy compliance, and manage organizational risk. Under her leadership, the human resources department is becoming more data driven, strengthening the bond with organizational leadership as a strategic business partner.

Favorite Boys & Girls Club Program:  I love the YouthForce program!  Anytime I am with the YouthForce team, my passion for tackling society’s toughest issues is reenergized. It is so great seeing a program that is proactively working to correct the structural disadvantages marginalized youth face as they transition from childhood into the workforce.

Joined the Movement: June 2018

Personal Goal this Year: I am super excited to begin exploring more of this great planet!  My personal goal is to take my family outside of North America for the first time and have new adventures and build great memories that we will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Coolest thing I’ve witnessed since starting:  The passion, drive, and creativity in our staff.  It’s not every day that you see employees who are so dedicated to the organization’s mission, that they would pull money out of their own pocket to ensure the kids who need us most have access to the resources and programming that they so desperately need.