Marcy Lale | Human Resources Director

Marcy brings over 18 years of HR experience to Boys & Girls Clubs of King County. She supports all of our Club staff throughout King County. As the HR Director she is responsible for strategic HR and organization development leadership; leadership development, pipeline development and succession planning; talent and performance management, and co-creating a culture where staff and kids thrive!

Marcy’s personal mission: Enable and inspire our staff to realize their potential as role models and visionary, compassionate leaders for the next generations and having fun doing it. Marcy believes strongly in the potential of all youth to be productive, responsible, and caring citizens. Marcy has spent many years volunteering with youth in foster care and other organizations with underprivileged youth. She has been a sponsor for children in Kampala Uganda for over 25 years.


Favorite Boys & Girls Club Program: SE Network


Joined the Movement: August 2013


Personal Goal this Year: To build on the culture that we have to make it even better. 1 Team, 1 Dream: where there is trust, support, collaboration,  build on our organization to have high performers and that we are an organization that has fun while working hard to support our kids, families and communities that we serve.


Coolest thing I’ve witnessed since starting: Walking with the SYVPI team throughout Rainer Valley.