Blast Off to Summer

Posted on: June 17, 2021


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  • Bagley Elementary
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  • North Beach Elementary

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Blast Off to Summer

On May 26, Club members across the county participated in a space-themed move-a-thon event called “Blast Off to Summer” to celebrate healthy lifestyles and encourage movement!

Fifteen Clubs participated, each adding their own elements like space costumes, mini games, and special rules for any given lap. Kids completed laps or “orbits” around their Clubs and collected stamps from a Bingo marker from a Club professional on their t-shirt as they completed each orbit.

One youth at the North Beach Club tallied a total of 43 orbits, which equals an impressive 10 miles!

But our members got the chance to challenge other skills besides speed and stamina as well.

At the Kirkland Club, youth played Minute-to-Win-It-style games as they cooled down between orbits. They tested their critical thinking and coordination skills as they attempted to get an Oreo from their foreheads into their mouths without using their hands. Try to get through that without laughing!

More than the youth got in on the action, too Claudia Kramer, Kirkland’s Education Director, encouraged Club members by running alongside them. Club teens managed snack tables and cheered on runners to keep them energized.

One of the event coordinators, Charlotte Malone shared: “My favorite part of the day was all of the encouragement! The staff was so encouraging of the youth and if a kid got tired they would take a lap with them and it was just a positive and fun environment overall.”

A special congratulations to Bagley for winning our costume contest (shown above) and to our North Beach Club for thier Club cheer (below)!

This was the perfect event to kick-off summer, get kids moving, and ignite quality time for members. In total, members completed 13,367 orbits which is the equivalent of 1,381 miles of movement. Great work everyone!


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