Boys & Girls Clubs of King County Quarterly All-Star Staff!

Posted on: February 13, 2024


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Boys & Girls Clubs of King County Quarterly All-Star Staff!


Thank you for setting the example for the organization to serve youth, families, and the community. We are proud of the work that you do each day to give youth the opportunity to be successful in life.


Ben Williams, Athletic Staff, Federal Way Teen Center

Ben has been a superstar, helping in any way possible. He is a true team player and is willing to adapt to what is needed. Ben is a key piece to the Federal Way athletics team and is a big reason the programs have been successful. 

Carmante Schachere, Youth Development Professional, Rainier Vista

 He started off as one of our interns in our elementary program. Soon after, he became an official YDP staff at SRV. The youth really enjoy Carmante’s energetic personality. We really appreciate him and are glad he has joined our SRV Family! 


Charles Gilday, Interim Education Director, North Beach 

As one of the most experienced YDPs in our area, Charles has been a strong and consistent lead staff member at the North Beach site. In the last few weeks, Charles has taken over as the Interim Education Director and has already taken so much initiative in the role. Charles has been a great support for the program director and has a lot of experience to bring to the table. He works hard to ensure kids are safe, staff feel supported, and parents are kept informed about the kiddos in the program. Charles is flexible, communicative, and committed to the North Beach program, and we are truly grateful to have him on the team. Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do so, Charles! We appreciate you! 


Chio Saeteurn, Interim Program Director, North Beach

Chio has been going above and beyond as the Interim Program Director at North Beach this month! She is reliable and responsive and dedicates her time to completing tasks quickly and efficiently. Chio has stepped up overall as a leader for the site and makes it a point to support the Club, youth, and staff wholeheartedly. Taking on the program director duties in the middle of the school year is not easy, but Chio is a fast learner and has been taking everything in stride. We are so grateful for her dedication and hard work! Thank you so much, Chio! 


Davsan Elimo, Youth Development Professional, Ballard 

Davsan became a part of our team in September 2023 and has since become an integral staff member. Some of his strengths include his calm demeanor, kind character, and strong work ethic to fit the Ballard Club’s daily needs. He’s made a point to be outgoing and build genuine relationships with the youth and staff, and eagerly seeks out learning opportunities from supervisors and peers. We’re so grateful for Davsan and can’t wait to see how he will continue to grow as a staff! 


Emi Guttorp, Youth Development Professional, Rosa Parks 

Emi is new to the organization and jumped right into being a beloved staff member at Rosa Parks. Her positive attitude and ability to connect with students of any age make her a perfect fit for her role. The whole region appreciates her willingness to be a team player, as she has also made an impact by stepping up to support other sites on days her program isn’t open. The Eastside is lucky to have her! 

Emily Geringer, YouthForce Case Manager, YouthForce 

One of our newest staff at YouthForce, Emily Geringer, brings her positive demeanor and get-it-done attitude to every room she enters. She is considerate, and her contagious laugh fills the room. Emily is organized, resourceful, and responsive to her youth; all of these attributes help her as a case manager. She has a full caseload and manages the Barber programs at both SRV and Southwest. Emily is a delight to have in the office. She loves music and food, YouthForce’s favorite subjects, so she fits right in! 

Hyrum Goff, Youth Development Professional, Bainbridge Island


Bainbridge All-Star Staff is Hyrum! His creative soul has caused an explosion of color across the Club and in the art room! He has been an amazing staff when helping the kids find their inner artist. He has also taken on the challenge of working with a core group of kids to create their own musical performance. This performance should come to production in April! Hyrum is always bursting with excitement to try new projects or take on organizing a room in the Club.

Ivy Malone, Program Director, Salmon Bay 

Ivy has been at Salmon Bay for almost 2 years, and in that time, has shown to be a strong leader and a wonderful asset to the community. You can tell that the Club kids at Salmon Bay are excited to be at the Club each day and love the mini clubs (Rainbow Club, Pokémon Club) that Ivy has set up! Ivy, thank you for all you do for the Salmon Bay community! 

Jasmine Finkley, Philanthropy Associate, CSC 

Jasmine brings an outstanding commitment to excellence to our work every day. She’s on track to surpass her financial goals this fiscal year, and Jasmine is developing creative and streamlined ways to recruit awesome CAB members to support Clubs. On top of all of that, Jasmine brings joy, community, and a true commitment to our mission every day! We are so grateful for her contributions to the RD team and the organization. 


Jasmine Saelee, Youth Development Professional, Renway 

Jasmine has been a lifesaver to Renton/Skyway. She has a way of connecting and conversing with all the teens with her gravitational personality. She enjoys doing art and cooking programming and making things with the teens, checking in with them and greeting them when they walk through the doors and as they leave, and playing games with them indoors and outdoors. She has been a huge help and a really great employee to have. We are honored to have her as our All-Star Staff of the Quarter! 

Jessie Patricio, Youth Development Professional, Olympic Hills 

Jessie’s been an amazing human and has consistently been great with all of our members. He does a great job with helping out big groups during activities and knows how and when to handle one-on-ones, which has helped our program flourish. He also always shows up with a great attitude and is always ready for a daily challenge. Our Club wouldn’t be the same without him! Thanks, Jessie!

Kaelyn Shibley, Youth Development Professional, North Seattle 

Kaelyn has become an integral part of the North Seattle Club in the short time she’s been with us. She has seamlessly jumped into her role, and her calm, collected nature never fails to keep the energy positive during program hours. Her ability to always be fully present with both grace and enthusiasm, no matter what the situation may be, has quickly allowed her to form special connections with both kids & teens. She is extremely trusting, flexible, and cares deeply about the work that she does. From stepping in at RES Middle School to assisting with their teen program or committing herself to bringing new creative activities to our members at the Club, she does it all. Thank you for being such an outstanding leader, Kaelyn! Your impact does not go unnoticed.

Lisa Oordt, Program Director, Lawton


Lisa has been a pillar of the Lawton community for over 30 years! She has created a warm, welcoming, and fun atmosphere for the Club kids and their families. This year, despite some staffing shortages, she has increased the number of kids served and continued providing excellent programs. Lisa is an excellent mentor, coworker, leader, and partner with the school community!

Michael Trinh, Youth Development Professional, Lowell

 Michael has truly stepped up as a YDP at our Club at Lowell. The youth have developed a strong bond with him and vice versa. Every day, he shows up ready to take on the daily task and be a major part of our Club. Michael engages with all Club members and encourages them to be an active member of our Club. 

Molly Crumley, Administrative Assistant, Kirkland

Molly is the glue of the Kirkland Club. She’s known and loved by every child, parent, and staff member. She always goes above and beyond to help anyone during the day, from a staff needing assistance in their area to a child needing a band-aid. Everyone knows they can count on Molly to be there for them. She’s a leader both at her Club site and in our region.

Morgan McCabe, Education Director, Juanita 

Morgan is the ultimate team player. She has made a huge impact on multiple Eastside sites by volunteering to share the responsibility of opening our morning program while we are short-staffed. She’s also such a great leader at our Juanita site, often working through difficult behaviors with kids and helping them to be successful in our program. The Eastside wouldn’t be the same without her leadership and hard work! 

Rutha Mersha, Youth Development Professional, Mercer Island

 Rutha is a wonderful member of our MI team! Rutha is a YDP leading the 4th/5th grade group at the Club. She is an amazing Lead Counselor who is always willing to help all other classrooms and departments. She also loves to decorate the Club!  She goes above and beyond to help out with our athletic events, too! She is a true joy to be around with her positive attitude and always rocking a genuine smile. Her kindhearted and thoughtful manners make her a constantly requested YDP by our youth, who admire and enjoy being around her.  You rock, Rutha! 

Sam Sampley, Youth Development Professional, Federal Way 8th 

It has been a pleasure watching Sam and his growth at FW8th. He is continuously willing to learn and never steers away from constructive criticism but uses it as a tool to strive to do better. He is always ready to make himself available to fill any shift, whether at our Club or another location.  Sam has been a great addition to our team.    

Sophia Bruno, Youth Development Professional, View Ridge

 Thank you for always shining bright, coming to the Club, and going above and beyond for our members! Whether it’s playing a game of Uno or joining them on a Pokémon quest! You always bring a positive and energetic attitude! View Ridge is lucky to have you!

Valerie Cordova, Youth Development Professional, Wallingford 

Valerie is one of our lead staff for K/1, and with her kind approach, she is also a crowd favorite among the youth! Her warm demeanor provides a comforting presence with the kids and is a vital component when navigating conversations about their emotions. They love her bubbly and empathetic aura at the Club and the humor she provides during rotations! She is also a senior at UW and plans to graduate with a Bachelors in Psychology & Public Health! 

Vienne Peterson, Youth Development Professional, Wallingford 

Vienne has been a great addition to the team, and her dedication to helping make the Club a positive place is something that deserves recognition! Never afraid to shy away from any given task, her hardworking and diligent nature is also reflected in the commitment she has to work through issues that arise within our K/1 Group. She has become an integral part of preparing our daily programs and is an excellent example of what Wallingford strives for with our YDPs! 



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