Celebrating Club Stars: Youth of the Quarter December 2023

Posted on: December 7, 2023


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Date: December 5, 2023

Location: Smilow Rainer Vist Boys & Girls Club 

On December 5, 2023, at the Smilow Rainer Vista (SRV) Club, a vibrant gathering of staff, families, and community members took place. We came together to honor a group of remarkable Club members who have shared their passion for the Club and the role models who have supported them.

Each Youth of the Quarter awardee is a potential candidate for the King County Youth of the Year. This path leads them through various levels of recognition – from county-wide to national stages, in addition to scholarships, mentorship opportunities, and much more. 

Meet Our Outstanding Awardees

Jordan and staff JJ (Federal Way EX3 Club)


Jordan, a dedicated freshman, has found a valuable source of job experience and guidance at the Club. His favorite staff member, JJ, has been instrumental in his journey, providing support and mentorship. Jordan’s involvement in the Club has enhanced his academic pursuits and fostered a sense of responsibility and work ethic.

Gobi and staff Mike (Rotary Club)

Gobi’s decade-long journey at the Club has been marked by significant mentorship and community service, including leading his football team in Club cleanup initiatives. Mike, the Rotary Teen Director, recognized Gobi for his leadership and community service. Gobi had this to say about a favorite Club experience of his:

“The most enjoyable part of the club is field trips. My personal favorite time was when I was going into 5th grade, so that summer, I could go on teen trips, we went to the Bite of Seattle I went with $8, and I ate the most. I find it funny how I am in with kids that had $10 but ate the most.”




Kh’Merrion or KK and staff Zonyia (Smilow Rainier Vista Club)

KK, a 12-year Club member, treasures the Club as her safe haven and a hub for mentorship opportunities. Her experience with Youthforce has been transformative. KK has grown into a confident individual, with the Club playing a pivotal role in her personal and social development.


Otter and staff Shadow (Bainbridge Island Club)

Otter credits the Club for her newfound leadership skills, that was nurtured through programs like Keystone. Otter values the friendships and experiences gained, such as attending the National Keystone Conference. Otter can’t imagine life without the Bainbridge Club. 





Kinjal and staff Tiffany (Kirkland Club)

Kinjal cherishes the relationships built with staff like Tiffany and enjoys reminiscing over photos of her younger days at the Club. Her journey through the Club has been filled with memorable moments and personal growth.


Isla and staff Rachel (Mercer Island Club)

Isla, a seventh-grader, has forged strong relationships with the Club staff, who have helped her set goals and learn the importance of community service. Isla’s engagement in the Club has nurtured her sense of responsibility and deepened her community ties. Isla had this to say about the Mercer Island Club:

“What I find most enjoyable about the Club is the friendships you make along the way. Youth of the Quarter is such an amazing experience and impacted my life. I keep coming to the Club because of the people they make me want to stay.”



Tevon and staff Kobi (Southwest Club)

Initially hesitant, Tevon has grown to love the Club, attending almost daily. His summer was enriched with field trips and learning new skills like swimming. Tevon’s journey reflects his openness to new experiences and personal growth.


Cuyler and staff Kiarra (Renton/Skyway Club)

Cuyler values the Club for its fun atmosphere and the chance to hang out with friends. His experiences, like learning to code and play chess, have broadened his horizons. His engagement in activities like Game Changers has shaped him into a better leader and thinker. He had this to say about his Club:

I love being able to hang out with my friends 🙂 Boys & Girls Club has helped me get smarter because I know how to play chess 🙂 I still come to the club to have fun with friends and play smash and video games :)”





Morgan and staff Tré (Wallingford Club)

Morgan, a decade-long member, is proud of his achievements, like winning the first Super Smash Bros tournament in the Club’s history, and is grateful for the support from the amazing staff. His journey at the Club highlights his competitive spirit and the supportive Club environment.


Lorelei (Ballard Club)

(Not able to attend) 

A ten-year Club attendee living nearby, Lorelei has been an active member, participating in various roles and activities, from Vice President of Torch Club to Co-President of Keystone. Her commitment to the Club, even in times of illness (she had to miss the event but still wrote a speech), speaks volumes about her dedication and leadership qualities.






Vivian and Staff Tim (North Seattle Club)

Vivian, known for her wit and humor, rejoined the Club for Keystone. Her favorite staff members, Tim and Quinn, have noted her leadership skills and enthusiasm. Vivian’s return to the Club and participation in events like the Keystone National Conference underscores her commitment to personal development.


Asher and staff Tim (Robert Eagle Staff Middle School Club)

Asher, who started the Pride Club at RESMS, has found close friends and significant support from the Club staff, helping her through challenging times. Her leadership in starting the Pride Club and her transformation from a once-weekly attendee to a daily member highlight her growing engagement and resilience.







Huxley and staff Tim (RESMS Club)

Huxley, who founded the Torch Club at RESMS, cherishes the fun and sense of belonging he experiences at the Club. He regards Tim, a staff member, as more than an influential mentor; Tim is also a friend. This relationship underscores the deep personal connections and growth Huxley has achieved.

As we celebrate the Youth of the Quarters, we must recognize the foundational support that makes these successes possible.

To the families of Club members, we extend our deepest gratitude. You entrust us with the incredible responsibility of being a part of your child’s growth and development. This trust forms the cornerstone of our mission. Your belief in our ability to guide and support your children is what fuels our commitment. Watching these young individuals thrive, learn, and grow is a privilege we cherish deeply. Your support makes our community stronger and more vibrant. Thank you for being an integral part of our Boys & Girls Clubs family.

Our staff, the unsung heroes of this journey, deserve special recognition. Each day, you bring passion, dedication, and expertise to your roles, creating an environment where youth can flourish. Your tireless efforts in mentoring, teaching, and nurturing these young minds do not go unnoticed. You are the reason Club members feel supported, heard, and inspired to reach their full potential. Your commitment to their well-being and success drives our collective achievements. Thank you for being the bedrock of our Clubs and for your unwavering dedication.

We extend our warmest congratulations to all the awe-inspiring youth who shared their stories. We are immeasurably proud of each teen and look forward to their continued growth and success. They are not just the future—they are the present, brightening our communities every day.


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