CJ Prosise Thanksgiving

Posted on: November 22, 2017



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CJ Prosise Thanksgiving

Originally Published on KING5 on November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving usually happens in late November. But thanks to a special team, a group of kids are digging in a little early.

Seattle Seahawks running back, C.J. Prosise, teamed up with Premera Blue Cross on a new position: host for over 300 little 12’s.

“We just wanted to do an event with the kids in the Seattle community and what better source than the Boys & Girls Club,” said Prosise, “we’ve got four [branches] of Boys & Girls Club coming here today. We have prizes there for them and a chance for them to have a Thanksgiving meal together as one.”
Injuries have held back Prosise’s accomplishments on the field this year, but his commitment to being an encouraging example to kids has never wavered.

“I think a positive role model is always needed especially in a young kid’s life. If you have someone to look up to, you have a formula of what to model yourself as and how to live your life.”​
Jim Messina of Premera says Prosise has a history of doing the right thing.

“When he was preparing for the NFL, preparing for the combine in Chicago Illinois, he went to Notre Dame, he would drive back and forth to school to finish his degree. So here’s a kid who left early, but he took the time to make sure he got his degree. He’s just a wonderful kid.”

So while a football career can only last so long, being a positive force for others can make an impact for a lifetime.

It’s a simple choice for Prosise, who says, “Being on the platform that I am I just want to give back as much as I can.”​


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