Empowering Futures: Smilow Rainier Vista Club & Wright Way Foundation Unite for Financial Literacy

Posted on: November 28, 2023


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Exciting news is brewing at our Smilow Rainier Vista Club! We’re thrilled to highlight a dynamic partnership with the Wright Way Foundation, spearheaded by the inspirational KJ Wright, an 11-year NFL veteran, Super Bowl Champion, a Pro Bowl linebacker, and a devoted husband and father of three.

Our partnership with the Wright Way Foundation allowed for “Financial Literacy with KJ Wright” to take place from September through December 10, transforming how young participants manage finances.  As the teens wrap up their nine weeks with KJ, we all at the Club want to thank KJ Wright and the Wright Foundation.

In nine weeks, participants tackled financial management. Teens covered topics like credit score or, as Anon, a 9th grader in the program, would say, “Your credit score is like your rep.” They also covered topics like identity protection, social media’s financial impact, building equity, and compound interest. KayKay, a 12th grader in the program, said that she has already started using the 50/30/20 budgeting rule to plan for her future.

The program ends with excitement. Participants will present their knowledge to their parents on December 2, demonstrating their growth and understanding of these financial topics. A shopping spree at Factoria Target follows, led by KJ Wright and volunteers. This event applies their lessons to real-life budgeting. Each youth will have a budget to spend on something for themselves, something for a loved one, and something for their home. 

Thank you to KJ Wright and the Wright Way Foundation for their commitment to empowering the youth in our community. A special thank you to Thushari and Patrick Carter for helping facilitate, and to Zonyia (Smilow Rainer Vista teen director), the YouthForce staff, South East Network, and the Southwest Club for helping make this program a success. This program is a cornerstone in youth’s journey toward financial responsibility and wisdom. We invite you to follow us on Instagram to witness the impact of these experiences, including the exciting shopping spree results.


Together, we’re not just teaching finance but shaping responsible, informed futures.


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