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Posted on: May 21, 2018


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Bainbridge Island Boys & Girls Club Garbage Gala

Boys & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island kiddos had the opportunity to participate in the first annual Garbage Gala fashion show! Weeks before the event, kids started creating a piece of clothing only using recycled materials. Kids worked with Ms. Katie in the art room to create a unique garment that was both creative, functional and fun.

The garbage gala was really fun. My favorite part was to walk down the runway isle. My friends felt like real models and they got to show off their cool clothes.  – Jorie

They used their creative minds to make headbands, shirts, pants, shirts, and even full dresses. The more colorful and creative the better! For the culminating event, members headed out to sh

owcase their clothing in a runway fashion show in front of parents and other members. It was a wonderful time!

To welcome the community to the event and in spirit of the “garbage gala” kids used all the old and dried up markers and the back of the clubs old ping pong table to create a special messag of their choosing. We LOVE our Club.

I made my costume out a used plastic bag that was from Disneyland and on the back I stuck a piece of paper that no one wanted to use that I got out of the recycling. It was already painted and I taped it on to the back. I used some scrap paper that said “garbage gala” on the front.  – Layla


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