Our Giving Societies

Our Giving Societies are updated on a quarterly basis. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Lifetime Giving Society

Thank you to our supporters who have demonstrated extraordinary generosity by contributing a minimum of $250,000 during their lifetime. These philanthropically-minded individuals are to congratulated and honored for their phenomenal commitment to our youth.

Philanthropist $2,000,000+

Cary & Quynh Falk


Benefactor $1,000,000 – $1,999,999

Steve & Connie Ballmer

Mrs. Yvonne Belshaw

Julia Calhoun

John & Shawn Goodman and The Goodman Foundation

Joel E. Smilow


Mentor $500,000 – $999,999

Dan & Cindy Brettler

Chris & Linda Clark

Tom & Mary Herche

Christopher R. Larson

Tom & Terri Olson Miller

Sue & Mike Raney

Ed Springman & Jane Hague


Leader $250,000 – $499,999

Kathy & Steve Berman

Patricia & Darle Blumenthal, Sr.

Marylou & Randall Brannan

Brad & Judy Chase

Holly & Eric Dillon

Della & Gary Furukawa

Pete Higgins & Leslie Magid Higgins

Merrilou & Justin Hillenbrand

Roch & Carol Hillenbrand

Gary & Christine Kimura

Peter & Tamara Musser

Michael & Billie Jo O’Brien, O’Brien Auto Group

David & Valerie Robinson

Rick & Lisa Skelton

Patty & Jim Voelker

The Jeremiah Milbank Society


Yvonne Belshaw

Marylou & Randall Brannan

Dan & Cindy Brettler

Julia Calhoun

Brett Campbell

Brad & Judy Chase

Lisa H. Chin & Tom Pominville

Chris & Linda Clark

Bob & Ginger Clough

Kevin Dargie

Michael & Shawna Dash

Allison & Gregory Enell

Cary & Quynh Falk

Shawn & John Goodman

Richard & Vandana Harris

Tom & Mary Herche

Gary & Christine Kimura

Michael Lake

Jennifer LeMond

Terri Olson Miller & Thomas Miller

Michael & Billie Jo O’Brien

Cara & Mike Perla

Grant Peterson & Tanya Frerichs

Lisa & James Phillips

Lisa & James Price

Paula & Jeff Pyatt

Sue & Mike Raney

Paul & Stacey Ravetta

Ross & Marcia Rogers

Sheri & Howard Schultz

Rick & Lisa Skelton

Burnley & Jim Snyder

Phil Suetens & Debbie Montgomery

Nicole & Craig Ueland

John & Sue Verduin

Robert & Sarah Wicklein

Tammy Young & Hahns Burg

  The Heritage Club


This national group acknowledges the thoughtful individuals who have included a Boys & Girls Club in their will or estate plans. Heritage Club members ensure that  Clubs will continue to provide vital programs and guidance for youth in the future.

*deceased member


Mrs. Yvonne Belshaw

Marylou & Randall Brannan

Suzanne M. Burke

Chris & Linda Clark

Brian & Denise Donaldson

Dolores & Bob* Fehnel

Shawn & John Goodman

Nancy Guthrie*

Patricia Hansen

Gary Hartnett & Nicole Mangina

Mark & Sharon Hendricks

Tom & Mary Herche

Chris Howlett

Daniel R. Johnson & Elaine Sonntag-Johnson

Shirley Lashua

Mark B. Morrow

Marion & Michelle* Moulton

Stephanie Murray

Kathleen B. Ogle*

Sarah B. Phillips

Lois & William Rex

Aimee K. Sheridan

Kaydee & Cole Smead

Richard J. Spady*

C. Edward Springman & Jane Hague

Bill & Judy Tsoukalas

Robert H. Wicklein