Meet Dominique Mesick – Great Futures Gala & Auction Committee Member

Posted on: October 5, 2021


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Meet Dominique!

Isn’t it amazing how something as seemingly small as switching a flight time can turn into a life-changing event? This happened 3 years ago for Dominique Mesick. While on her way back to Seattle from L.A. she decided to change to an earlier flight home. When she boarded the plane, she sat next to a community member that changed her life. This man was Richard Harris, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County’s former Board Chair.

         Richard has this “powerful way of connecting people,” said Dominique. The whole flight from the initial greeting to the time they arrived at the gate, they talked. Richard shared his experiences partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs of King County and encouraged Dominique to look into the organization further. By the time Dominique arrived home from the airport, there was an email in her inbox from Richard. Dominique then committed to dedicating herself and her philanthropic resources to Boys & Girls Clubs. “’The importance of being a force multiplier,’ as Richard famously says, is the foundation that I now strive for in my philanthropic efforts”, says Dominique.


Shortly after Dominique’s return to Seattle, Richard encouraged her to learn more about CABs and the Boys & Girls Clubs’ fall auction. That quickly started Dominique’s involvement in the auctions! She didn’t hesitate to buy a table and invited her girlfriends to join her in person at our 2019 auction. She inspired her friends to join in on the fun and invest in great futures. They all loved the auction, and they even bought a package to Bali as a group! Last year the virtual auction fell on her birthday, so Dominique invited her friends and family to celebrate her birthday and the auction together. She got people from all areas of her life engaged in conversations about philanthropy. She was able to show her network the diverse work that Boys & Girls Clubs of King County does and linked folks in based on what they are passionate about. Her friend Ethan Rivelle even ended up being the artist that created the backdrop for our auction last year! 

         Needless to say, Dominique is an invaluable member of our community. We love her willingness to “put her feet on the ground,” to dive deep with the teens in our programs, to prioritize our staff, and for being dedicated to our auction over the years. If there is one thing to learn from Dominique, it is that no matter what you are passionate about, there is always a way to get involved to help support great futures in our community. We are grateful for you, Dominique.

Join us for this year’s Great Futures Gala & Auction on October 23rd, register here.


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