Meet our Youths of the Quarter: Fall 2020

Posted on: November 20, 2020


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Meet our Youths of the Quarter: Fall 2020

Youth of the Quarter is an excellent platform for youth to share how the Club has impacted their life. In return, the community gathers to recognize and celebrate outstanding Club teens.

This fall, the event went virtual, but the participants remained enthusiastic about sharing their Club stories. If anything, this reimagined format reminded us how resilient the teens are.

Youth of the Quarter winners are awarded by their Club staff, based on academic excellence, service & leadership, and healthy lifestyles. Twelve teens took the stage to accept their awards and tell their Club stories.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to their Club mentors who continue to nurture their development.  





Morgan is an eighth grader from the Wallingford Club and has been a member since first grade. He is grateful for all of his trusted mentors for making the Club feel like a home instead of just an after-school program. This past summer, Morgan stepped up to be a leader who staff can always rely on. The Wallingford community is so grateful for your leadership, Morgan!





Dresden is president of both the Torch Club and Chess Club at Southwest. He fondly reflected on his first day at the Club, where he instantly made friends and knew he belonged. Dresden spoke highly of the Southwest community and said we are “like one giant family, we’re always there for one another.”







Lucas, a member of our Sammamish Club is proud of himself as this is his first award, and announces that he will continue to step up as a leader at the Club. He promised that “I will do my best to make the counselor not feel like it was a mistake giving me this award.” Keep up the great work, Lucas!





Julian “Gobi”


Eighth grader Gobi is in his seventh year at the Rotary Club. You can find him at the Club playing Rotary Style Basketball or at Summer Camp. In his speech he reflected on the mentors the Club has given him: 

“Coaches have helped me become better as player and Club staff have helped me become better as a person

Adam has been a mentor and given me advice—basketball and school advice

Darryl has always helped me stand out from the rest

Ms. Patrick makes sure I’ve always been doing good at the Club”

We are so lucky to have you in our community, Gobi!





Declan has been a member at Rotary since second grade. Declan spends the majority of his time at the Club either playing basketball with his Rotary Style teammates or inspiring younger members by volunteering. He is particularly passionate about volunteering because he wants “to support the Club in the same way [his] Rotary coaches supported [him].”  Excellent leadership, Declan!





North Seattle

Ta’Shana has been a member at North Seattle for almost ten years. She is dedicated member of the Torch Club (middle school community service group). In fact, she was the only member who participated in every virtual Torch Club session this spring.

Being at the Club is a family activity for Ta’Shanna. Her mom is the Nutrition Specialist and her brother also attended the Club.

We are all so inspired by your commitment to your community, Ta’Shanna.





Khalie is a member of the Kirkland Club. Although she has only been a member since June, she is already the Torch Club President. Online learning has been challenging for her, but the Club has enabled her to become more confident with her school work. We are so excited to see how you continue to lead, Khalie!




Federal Way Teen Center

AiYana describes Federal Way EX3 as her happy place. She loves the atmosphere, energy, and good vibes throughout the whole building. At the Club you can find Yana singing, writing, drawing or playing instruments. The Club has taught her values such as respect, responsibility, and confidence, that she’ll be able to carry throughout all of her endeavors. We are all so proud of you, AiYana!






Sixteen year old Ella has been a Club kid for a decade! She has participated in after school programming, summer camp as both a camper and Counselor-In-Training, and is now a member of Keystone Club (community service group for high schoolers). Ella shared: “It is safe to say the Club has been a prominent figure in my life since my early childhood, it has become a sanctuary for me to be myself.” Thank you for everything you do for the Ballard community, Ella.






Quinn’s favorite memory from the Club is participating in the Ballard Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program. It gave him a completely different look at the Club, responsibility, keeping kids safe, good way to introduce someone to the workforce, CIT program super well put together. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next, Quinn.






Arthur from Bainbridge Island has developed leadership skills, friendship, and community during their time at the Club. On any given day you can find Arthur leading the Dungeons & Dragons and Rainbow Club. “During my time here I’ve had opportunities to learn about myself and who I am”. We are all so inspired by your commitment to your community, Arthur.






Bainbridge Island

India is a thriving member of the Bainbridge Island Keystone Club. Where she loves doing community service projects with her friends. She also rocked her marketing role for Keystone, according to her teen director, Michael. India is drawn to the Club for the community and the overall atmosphere. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next, India!




Thank you for everyone who participated, and if you wan to see the whole event, it’s available here.



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