Meet our Youths of the Quarter: Winter 2019


Meet our Youths of the Quarter: Winter 2019

yoq winners winter 2019


Youth of the Quarter is a wonderful opportunity to recognize outstanding Club teens and come together for a night of good food and community building.

Youth of the Quarter winners are awarded by their Club staff, based on academic excellence, service & leadership, and healthy lifestyles. At the Mercer Island Club on Tuesday, December 3, nine teens took the stage to accept their awards and tell their Club stories.

It’s truly remarkable to hear about the Club’s impact on our young people firsthand. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to their Club mentors who continue to nurture that development.  


cate bainbridge yoqCate


Cate is in the eighth grade and her third year at the Club. She is the secretary for Bainbridge Island’s Torch Club (community service group for middle schoolers) and recently coordinated a bake sale for the group. Cate recognizes friends and staff at the Club as family.





Masonmason ballard yoq


Mason has a bold personality and brings joy to the Club. He is a senior who has attended the Club since he was in first grade. Mason in Keystone (community service group) and is a dedicated staff member who looks for opportunities to bring fun to day-to-day tasks like gathering art supplies. Mason is honored by his nomination because the Club has done so much for him.





esrah kirkland yoq



Esrah grew up as a shy, quiet person, but the Club helped her open up. She is a counselor-in-training and volunteer. Though she was nervous at first, the kids quickly took to her and now fight to sit next to her at lunch and at movie time.





Cycy mercer island yoq

Mercer Island

Cy is a freshman who has been going to the Mercer Island Club for 4 years. At the Club, Cy can be himself in a thoughtful, caring, and safe place. He’s found acceptance and many friendships at the Club.






niles rotary yoq



Niles has been going to the Club since kindergarten. He is always well behaved and does his homework without anyone having to ask. Niles loves how fun the Club is — he’s never missed a late night event for Keystone (community service group)!





athena sammamish yoq



Athena is an eighth grader who has been attending the Sammamish Club for one year. She recently moved from Redmond where she identified as a “wild kid”. Coming to the Club was like opening a brand new world for her. At the Club, Athena channels her energy into leadership, leading younger kids, and helping staff.





sunryse srv yoqSunryse

Southeast Network at Smilow Rainier Vista

Sunryse is a longtime Club member who would visit the SE Network and YouthForce offices at Smilow Rainier Vista when she was young. As a young adult, she’s built many strong relationships with people in those programs. The Club is Sunryse’s village where she sets goals and volunteers. She is currently in a Running Start program.





Afnanafnan southwest yoq


Afnan has been a Southwest Club member since kindergarten. If she’s going through a tough time in school and life, she will still love coming to the Club. Staff knew what books to give her and what games to play with her. Afnan met her best friend of 8 years at the Club, and thanks the Faletogo family for taking care of her at the Club. Afnan said that receiving the Youth of the Quarter award told her that the Club loves her just as much as she loves it.




henry wallingford yoqHenry


Henry at first joined Keystone (community service group) to fulfill community service hours for school. He would quietly listen to others, but soon he started contributing to the planning and conversation. Soon he began sacrificing weekend free time to attend Keystone events and became fully committed after attending the Keystone Conference in Orlando this summer.




Thank you to all the families, friends, and staff who came to support these impressive young people. We couldn’t be more proud to have you all as a part of our community.


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