Mental Health & Trauma-Informed Training

Posted on: January 1, 1970


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Mental Health & Trauma-Informed Training

Photo taken before COVID-19.


Like parents and educators, Club professionals are increasingly concerned about the pandemic’s impact on adolescent mental health. Our Club teams are working to stay ahead of needs through ongoing trainings with local experts.


In 2019, we began a partnership with Coordinated Care, whose skilled trainers work with our staff to build proficiency in addressing these issues with youth. This partnership is even more meaningful in today’s mental health climate.


Consistent training is crucial, as topics such as Trauma Informed Care, Secondary Trauma, and Building Resiliency are deep and challenging. After attending sessions with the Coordinated Care instructors, Club staff begin to speak the same language and understand youth development differently, which ultimately makes our team much better at creating meaningful relationships with youth. One of the most important factors for youth to build resiliency is having a trusted adult in their lives.


Club professionals also learn the importance of caring for themselves through Secondary Traumatic Stress & Self-Care programs, so they can continue to commit to our communities.


Coordinated Care’s approach ensures participants are engaged and are actively applying the learned material to their daily experiences at the Club.


Persisting to do whatever it takes to help our young people thrive, our relentless staff continue to knock down barriers for our Club members. We appreciate all they do, and all the ways that our wider community supports our Club teams.


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