Mentorship Magic: Zeke & Tré

Posted on: December 12, 2019



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Mentorship Magic: Zeke & Tré


zeke and tre

Personalized mentorship is a key ingredient to the Clubs’ success in helping youth set and achieve goals.

Wallingford’s Fall 2019 Youth of the Quarter, Zeke, shares about the important relationship he shares with Club mentor and Wallingford Teen Director Tré Beauchamp: “Tré is my mentor, an adult I can talk to, and my friend. If there is anyone that I approach about a serious issue, it has always been Tré first.”

Having a trusted adult to turn to and confide in is proven to boost maturity and confidence among young people, in addition to responsible decision-making, social & emotional development, and academic & physical fitness.

Tré grew up at the Club and remembers his mentor Shae who was a consistent presence and taught him a number of life skills: “I remember one day he was out, and something happened, but I knew how to help because he had taught me.”

As Tré transitioned into a staff role, Area Director Meghan Sweet stepped in as his professional mentor. For the first time, Tré saw how much behind-the-scenes work Meghan had been doing all along to build a stable and enriching place for him and his peers.

Not only is Tré a former Wallingford Club kid, be he also attended the same schools and had the same teachers as a lot of the current members. “I can say [to the youth] ‘I understand what you’re going through,’ and that connection is really helpful.”

Another key element to successful mentorship is a personalized approach for each young person, depending on their needs and interests. Tré adapts his programs and mentorship style to fit the teen and their situation.

Tré identifies: “for Zeke, he wants a friend to talk to and someone he trusts to bounce ideas off of.”

Zeke and Tré bond over music, philosophy, Magic the Gathering, and community service projects.

According to Tré, “it’s important to make [youth] feel like they belong, and that this is their home.”

Mentors like Tré, Shae, and Meghan give selflessly to develop future leaders. They connect with our youth, inspire confidence, and teach lifelong skills.

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