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SE Network provides services and resources tailored to the needs of each youth or young adult.

SE Network provides services and resources tailored to the needs of each youth or young adult. Working together with the youth and their families, SE Network staff help remove the barriers that are preventing youth from succeeding. Whether facing housing instability, unemployment, legal issues, health issues, or school disciplinary action, not only can participants connect with critical resources through SE Network, they can rely on the support, expertise, and experience of SE Network staff to complete the process successfully.
Care Management
Care managers work with youth one-on-one to develop Individual Service Plans that identify their specific goals and a framework for achieving them. While youth are responsible for implementing their ISPs, our care managers provide support every step of the way, advocating on their behalf and facilitating access to institutional systems. In addition, because our care managers often share similar lived experiences with the youth they serve, they are able to offer powerful insight and form long-lasting relationships.
Network Management
SE Network provides light case management for participants who need access to basic needs or other resources, but do not necessarily need care management services.
Resource Areas

Participants and their families receive resources and support based on their needs and current availability. Resources include:

  • Basic needs: food, hygiene items, clothing, diapers and other baby supplies
  • Housing support: housing and shelter referrals, rental assistance
  • Education: tutoring, restorative justice
  • Employment: referrals to internships and jobs, obtaining ID documents (State ID, Social Security, Birth Certificates)
  • Financial education: budgeting, money management, setting up bank accounts, building credit
  • Legal support: connection to legal resources and advocacy support
  • Healthcare: accessing physical and mental health services

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