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Posted on: June 5, 2018


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Doorways Interns Alex + Jalynn Make 9,000 T-Shirts for Local Businesses!

On a sunny afternoon you can hear laughter coming from the upstairs hallway of a small church on NE 50th Street in the U-district where the Sanctuary Art Center offices are housed. You’ll know you’re in the right place once you reach the second floor landing and see the beautiful mural reflecting color and light from the west-facing hallway windows.


2018 marks the first year of a partnership between YouthForce and Sanctuary Art Center, organized through the Doorways Internship program, which is an initiative of the Seattle Youth Employment Program. Alex and Jalynn walked into this 72 hour internship program having no idea that by the end of it they’d have helped make 9,000 t-shirts for local businesses, including the YMCA, Pacific Science Center, Nelson Treehouse and Supply and other small businesses.


Both interns seem at home in this space, helping to operate the screen printing machine with ease and confidence and chatting amiably together. Alex’s preferred task involves prepping the t-shirts before sending them through the conveyor dryer, which is yet another large and intimidating looking piece of equipment.


Troy Carter, one of their site managers and the center’s Executive Director, had only good things to say about our interns. A few times, he voiced his hope that they work for him over the summer. “They can come back. They’ve both been great.”


“They can come back. They’ve both been great.”


Although, Troy did mention that they have yet to convince Alex to participate in one of their work dance parties. And with only 4 hours left to complete his internship this spring, their time is running out.



As their internships come to a close, Alex and Jalynn are both setting their sites on their summer plans. Alex is considering staying on with the Center part-time as well as seeking other part-time employment (looks like Troy might get his chance after all!). Meanwhile Jalynn is seeking opportunities in the field of urban planning. When asked what interests her about urban planning, Jalynn shared that she enjoys the idea of “being a part of the development of a community.”

Before we said our goodbyes, we asked Alex and Jalynn if they were buds now? They both responded with big smiles, wrapped their arms around each other, and exclaimed, “Oh yeah, we’re good friends.”


“Oh yeah, we’re good friends.”



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