Snow Day Activities

Posted on: January 1, 1970



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Snowpocalypse 2019 caused several days of school and Club cancellations – meaning several days of stir-crazy kids trapped at home needing entertainment.

Next time school gets unexpectedly cancelled, refer to this list for easy activities to entertain your kiddos!

This list is all thanks to one of our brilliant staff members, Eric Kirby, a rock star dad with a blog of his own – check it out here!

1. Lego photography

Recreate your favorite movie scenes using legos and cameras! Incorporate things from around the house to make your images more realistic.

2. Shaving cream painting

Smooth a layer of shaving cream in a tray. Add drops of food coloring and use toothpicks to swirl and create shapes in the shaving cream.

Lay a piece of blank white paper on top and press lightly. Peel the paper off carefully and wipe with paper towels. Ta-da! Your food coloring art is done!

3. Storybook theater

Have one person pick a book while another (or several) other people act it out as they read it. It’s even better if the people acting it out don’t know what they story will be!

4. Marble Run

Using items found around the house, see who can come up with the most interesting way for a marble to get from Point A to Point B.

We have used everything from Hot Wheels tracks to our recycling. Sometimes we have extra challenges, like requiring a ramp or tunnel!

5. Sock snowball fights

Fill socks with snow to create reuseable snowballs!

6. Surprise monster faces

Fold a piece of paper in a z-shape, and draw an animal, face or other creature with a closed mouth.

Open the paper and complete the mouth (generally in a monster style).


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