Spirited Halloween Haunts the Wallingford Club

Posted on: November 2, 2019


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Spirited Halloween Event Haunts the Wallingford Club

girls with Halloween hats

Halloween with Boys & Girls Clubs of King County means fa-boo-lous events. For example, the Wallingford Club hosts Halloween Hoopla reveals a building and walls covered in garbage bags and creepy moving pictures. Open to the public, the Wallingford Club has hosted the event for over 20 years, and hundreds of people attend this staple of community socializing.

“For me, Halloween Hoopla is one of my favorite events. Everything about it is fun, and the feeling of helping out and creating something beautiful for other people to experience is extremely satisfying,” says Club teen Liya, recounting her own Hoopla experiences.


Boy in hands of mysterious Halloween goo

Activities like the “blind hand test” in “goo” were a huge hit during Halloween Club events.


The gym was packed full of families, dressed in costume and enjoying the activities. In the main gym, there are carnival games, a bottle ring toss, mini golf, fun guessing games, a cakewalk, and more.

There are also two haunted houses. The one in the teen center is set up for people who prefer less scare, and for younger kids. The other one is upstairs, and is for teens and adults who like to patch a little more scare into their Halloween.

Little boy with "boo" sign

Kids of all ages enjoyed Halloween festivities.


“My volunteer activities for Hoopla keep me very busy. Two years ago, I volunteered to help with the scavenger hunt, and last year I played a detached head in a haunted house. I also volunteer to help set up and take down the event,” Liya says.

Liya loves everything about Halloween Hoopla, but her favorite part of the night is always the scavenger hunt. “I’ve been on both sides of the hunt (both as a volunteer and as someone looking for the numbers) and I love doing both. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to collect (or give out) stamps, treats, and other prizes,” she says.

Check out your local Club for upcoming holiday events.


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