Spring Celebrations: Activity from RDEI Executive Director 

Posted on: March 28, 2024


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Ramadan, Easter, and Passover Activity Recommendation from Tahnayee, Race, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (RDEI) Executive Director 

With the arrival of spring, our communities buzz with the vibrant traditions of Ramadan, Easter, and Passover. It’s a time when we embrace the beauty of diversity through celebration, reflection, and learning. Join us as we explore fun crafts that capture the spirit of Ramadan, delve into the unique ways different cultures celebrate spring holidays, and recommend a poignant read that spans cultures and generations.

Ramadan Activities for Kids

The star and crescent, a symbol of progress and enlightenment in Islam, serve as a guiding theme for this year’s Ramadan crafts. These celestial icons are not just decorations; they carry centuries of history and meaning. From the deserts of the 6th century where they guided travelers under the night sky to the modern-day festivities that see them illuminate homes and mosques, these symbols represent a deep spiritual journey.

To share this journey with our little ones, Lunar Learners offers 30 Ramadan craft ideas perfect for the season. Crafts featuring the star and moon can spark conversations about navigation, history, and faith.

The Story of Fanoos: Lighting Up Tradition

Ramadan lanterns, or ‘Fanoos’, are not just festive decorations but a beacon of tradition that dates back to the Fatimid period. When the children of Egypt lit lanterns to welcome their Caliph, they sparked a tradition that would light up the world. These lanterns, now a Ramadan staple, symbolize the light of wisdom cutting through the darkness of ignorance.

Videos for the Young and Young at Heart

Engage the young ones with animated stories and educational videos that bring the spirit of Ramadan to life. These stories are a great way to educate while entertaining.

Engagement for Older Kids: Charity and Devotion

Ramadan teaches us about the importance of charity. Encourage older kids and teens to help others, whether it’s through tutoring, volunteering at local centers, or sharing meals. It’s a practical way to embody the spirit of giving.

Celebrating Easter and Passover

As we honor Ramadan, we also acknowledge the rich traditions of Easter and Passover.

In Ethiopia, Easter, or ‘Fasika’, is marked by a vegan fast and then a feast that could last days. In Bermuda’s skies dazzle with kites during its Easter Kite Festival.

Hands-on Learning through Easter Baking

In New Zealand, Easter isn’t just about chocolate eggs; hot cross buns are a beloved tradition. These spiced buns, marked with a cross, are a tasty lesson in culinary arts and cultural appreciation. For a hands-on baking session, check out this recipe for Easter Hot Cross Buns, and invite the older kids to bake and share stories about Easter traditions worldwide.

Passover Crafts for Family Togetherness

With Passover starting at sundown on April 22, it’s a special time for families to come together, remember, and celebrate. The holiday is steeped in ancient stories and rich symbolism that speaks of survival and hope.

As you prepare for Passover, there’s a treasure trove of symbols to explore through crafts that are perfect for kids. Whether it’s creating decorations for the seder table or engaging in matzah art, these activities are a delightful way to bring the essence of Passover into your home. They’re fun, meaningful, and a wonderful opportunity for family bonding.

Dive into a season of togetherness and hope with these engaging Passover crafts – perfect for hands-on learning and creating memories that last a lifetime.

A Book for Reflection: ‘The Skin and its Girl’

As the evenings wind down, why not settle in with a compelling read? ‘The Skin and its Girl’ by Sarah Cypher is an evocative tale that weaves together the threads of history, love, and identity. Set against the backdrop of a family’s ancestral connection to soap-making, it’s a story that crosses boundaries and generations, much like the celebrations this season.

Whether through the playful making of crafts, sharing of stories, or the quiet moments of reading, this spring is a testament to our shared human experience. As we reflect on the significance of each tradition, we find that what unites us is far greater than what divides us.


Ramadan Mubarak, Happy Easter, and Blessed Passover to all, and may this season be filled with joy, understanding, and peace.


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