March 5, 2024 Youth of the Quarter

March 7, 2024

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On March 5, 2024, at the Smilow Rainer Vista (SRV) Club, a vibrant gathering of staff, families, friends, and community members took place. We came together to honor a group of remarkable Club members who have shared their passion for the Club and the role models who have supported them.

Each Youth of the Quarter awardee is a potential candidate for the King County Youth of the Year. This path leads them through various levels of recognition – from county-wide to national stages, in addition to scholarships, mentorship opportunities, and much more. 

Meet Our Outstanding Awardees

J’Andre (Rainier Vista)

He values the Club for the role it has played in helping him become a model for his younger brothers and a place where he can freely express himself. His involvement as a junior staff member and participation in the KJ Wright financial literacy program underscores his commitment to personal growth and leadership.

Reese (Kirkland)

Reese has been actively engaged at the Club. Reese finds the Club a sanctuary during stressful times at home and where lasting friendships are formed. The sense of safety and community at the Club has been pivotal in Reese’s development.




Morgan (Robert Eagle Staff Middle School)

Tim, the senior teen director, relayed written anecdotes highlighting Morgan’s impact on her peers. Morgan appreciates the strong sense of community and the importance of friendships formed at the Club. Her story reflects the Club’s role in building meaningful connections and support networks.

Jonah (Robert Eagle Staff Middle School)

Known for his humor, Jonah has embraced leadership opportunities through Torch Club (a middle school leadership program) and credits the Club with his improved athletic skills. His engagement in Torch Club and sports indicates his growing leadership and teamwork skills.


Kaley (North Seattle Club) Pictured above

Kaley appreciates the positive interactions with staff and friends at the Club. She has thrived in programs like Keystone and Game Changers.

Khalil (Rotary Club)

Teen director Mike highlighted Khalil’s significant growth as a leader at the Club. Khalil learned the value of responsibility through his work at the Club store. His journey at the Club showcases his development in responsibility and work ethic.

Ayden (Mercer Island Club)

Ayden sees the Club as a welcoming space for friendship and relaxation. His speech captured the essence of the Club as a supportive and friendly environment.






Rowan (Wallingford)

Grateful for teen director Derrick’s influence, Rowan has developed vital leadership skills, like project management, mainly through organizing a Torch Club bake sale. His involvement in the bake sale and appreciation for Derrick shows his growing leadership capabilities.

Marcus (Ballard)

Senior teen director Hannah describes Marcus as a goofy yet integral member of the Club. Marcus believes in the importance of having a welcoming second home, which he has found in the Club. 







Becca (Bainbridge Island Club)

Initially hesitant, Becca has grown to love the Club, crediting it with her development of leadership skills. Her journey from a counselor in training to a staff member highlights her commitment and growth.







Arianna (Renton/Skyway)


Arianna values the Club for teaching her about community responsibility and teamwork, mainly through projects and the baking Club. Her involvement in these activities has fostered a sense of responsibility and improved collaboration skills.





Iman (Southwest)

Supported by her friends, Iman praises the Club’s welcoming atmosphere. She has gained leadership skills and confidence, enjoying programs like the barbering program and peace circles (guided conversations on difficult topics teens pick).

As we celebrate the Youth of the Quarter candidates, we must recognize the foundational support that makes these successes possible.

To the families of Club members, we extend our deepest gratitude. You entrust us with the incredible responsibility of being a part of your child’s growth and development. This trust forms the cornerstone of our mission. Your belief in our ability to guide and support your children is what fuels our commitment. Watching these young individuals thrive, learn, and grow is a privilege we cherish deeply. Your support makes our community stronger and more vibrant. Thank you for being an integral part of our Boys & Girls Clubs family.

Our staff, the unsung heroes of this journey, deserve special recognition. Each day, you bring passion, dedication, and expertise to your roles, creating an environment where youth can flourish. Your tireless efforts in mentoring, teaching, and nurturing these young minds do not go unnoticed. You are the reason Club members feel supported, heard, and inspired to reach their full potential. Your commitment to their well-being and success drives our collective achievements. Thank you for being the bedrock of our Clubs and for your unwavering dedication.

We extend our warmest congratulations to all the awe-inspiring youth who shared their stories. We are immeasurably proud of each teen and look forward to their continued growth and success. They are not just the future—they are the present, brightening our communities every day.



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