Meet Jazzieriah:

2019 Renton/Skyway Youth of the Year

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  • Years at the Club: 9
  • High school & grade: Raisbeck Aviation High School, 9th
  • Intended college: University of Minnesota
  • Activities and interests: Robotics, aerospace, volunteering, and fundraising

Being open-minded will help you see the world around you.


For Jazzieriah, the Club experience is all about getting new and exciting opportunities. Over the course of her Club tenure (she’s been going since kindergarten!), she has been able to take advantage of many exciting STEM opportunities, including travelling to Wisconsin at age 11 to participate in the largest aviation event in the world, thanks to her participation in Amelia’s Aero Club – part of a great partnership the Club has with the Museum of Flight.

At the Club, Jazzieriah gained access to the Microsociety program, where she got to run her own nail salon in first grade, learning the values of a dollar, hard work, and community. She participated in numerous other STEM programs, such as Lego Robotics and Microsoft Hour of Code. Jazzieriah also did other volunteering opportunities to keep her Club looking fresh, painting and doing other maintenance projects on the weekends. She looks forward to a career in therapy or human services, and learned at the Club that she wants to spend her life giving back and making a difference in people’s lives.

I recommend that when you are presented with an opportunity through the Club, take it; try something new. I have found that even if it's not for me, the experiences are priceless.

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