Meet Kalijah: 2019 Wallingford Youth of the Year

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  • Years at the Club: 10
  • High school & grade: Roosevelt High School, 12th
  • Intended college: Cornish College of the Arts
  • Activities and interests: Film Club, drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and creative writing

Everyone owes it to themselves to live pursuing what they love, and a little something more.

Kalijah was recently hired as a staff member at the Club! He shares his passion for the arts with the other members, leading a Film Club for teens and producing a stop motion animation video with the younger members that was screened for hundreds of viewers at a special event in June.

His great attitude and passion for the arts makes him an excellent role model for the kids at the Club, especially his two younger brothers.  He is proud to be a long-time Club member and to now wear the STAFF name on the back of his Club shirts!

[The Club] was a place to learn, a place to discover, and observe different perspectives of others. I felt more welcomed in that community of kids and staff than I have in any classroom environment.

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Thanks to Chris Hagen for the beautiful photos!