Meet Leah: 2019 Bainbridge Youth of the Year

January 17, 2019

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Meet Leah:

2019 Bainbridge Youth of the Year

Scroll down to see Leah’s Youth of the Year speech!

  • Years at the Club: 8
  • High school & grade: Eagle Harbor High School, 9th
  • Intended college: Olympic College
  • Activities and interests: Volunteering, Torch Club

I come to the Boys & Girls Club for the kiddos, teens and staff. If I don’t come, I feel like I am missing out!

Leah was always considered a shy kid by those around her, but at the Boys & Girls Club, she has learned valuable leadership skills that have allowed her to be more comfortable speaking out and sharing her opinions.  She has been volunteering for several years now and continues to find new energy around helping and supporting others.  Through her participation in Torch Club and other volunteer opportunities at the Club, she has made lasting friendships.

She has an ambitious goal to work with the teen director at the Club to start Bainbridge Island’s first Keystone Club, and is working hard to make that happen.  But now that she has found the courage to speak up and be comfortable sharing her ideas, she knows that she can do it.

Starting Keystone is my goal, and I want to give it my all so when I leave, other teens will get the chance I had to do more for the community.

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Thanks to Chris Hagen for the beautiful photos!


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