Meet Piper: 2019 Ballard Youth of the Year

January 17, 2019

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Meet Piper:

2019 Ballard & King County Youth of the Year

Scroll down to see Piper’s Youth of the Year speech!

  • Years at the Club: 5
  • High school & grade: Ballard High School, 11th
  • Intended college: University of British Columbia
  • Activities and interests: SMART Girls, Keystone, Earth Service Corps, editor on student newspaper, SLAM Club, Link Crew Leader, cross country, track

The Boys & Girls Club has been an overwhelmingly positive place that helped me grow into who I am today.

When Piper moved to Seattle from Australia six years ago, she had a lot of trouble fitting in.  The Club was the first place where she felt truly welcomed and like she belonged in her new hometown.  At one time, Piper was a shy girl with no one to invite to her birthday party, but thanks to her experiences at the Club, she now has lots of friends and a place at the Club, where she takes on regular leadership roles in CIT and Keystone.

Outside of the Club, Piper is an accomplished athlete and academic who participates on her school’s track and cross country teams, the student newspaper, Key Club, and a variety of other groups – all while maintaining a 4.0 and a tough class schedule including multiple AP courses.

[The Club] made me feel special, welcomed and loved everyday… By opening the doors to me, the Boys & Girls Club provided me with new opportunities and a nurturing environment in which I could grow and develop as a person.

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Thanks to Chris Hagen for the beautiful photos!



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