As a father, business owner, and former professional athlete, Mike O’Brien understands the importance of giving back. And, as a longtime supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs, he believes in the positive impact that local organizations have on youth development. Time after time, Mike has continued to give to Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, helping to bolster great futures for young people throughout Greater Seattle and inspiring others to do the same.​

“The Boys & Girls Club is a safe harbor where kids don’t have to think about what’s going on in their lives,” said Mike. “It creates an environment where they can get together and learn from each other.”

Mike is a former Seattle Seahawks player and the Owner and Founder of O’Brien Auto Group. His investment in the Clubs aligns with his background in sports and community leadership – two pillars of the Boys & Girls Club movement. He is particularly passionate about improving access to athletic opportunities.

“I’ve been a coach for my kid since the time he could dribble a ball,” said Mike. “I’ve seen thousands of kids walk through the Boys & Girls Club doors. It’s amazing what you can give back to your community and the changes you can make in a kid’s life by giving them access to a gym.”

For Mike, supporting the Clubs is a matter of social responsibility. He is a firm believer in continuing to improve the communities in which we live by providing kids a safe haven and helping them prepare for success. In his 11 years as a supporter, Mike has consistently attended fundraising events and made increasingly generous contributions, earning membership in Boys & Girls Clubs of America's prestigious Jeremiah Milbank Society.

“I know I can count on the Boys & Girls Clubs to deliver high quality programs to kids of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities. I’ve seen what the Boys & Girls Club experience does for thousands of kids,” said Mike. “Your support can help a child achieve their full potential.”​