Who Is Lamar?

April 20, 2018

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Who Is Lamar?

Meet Lamar, a stellar senior at Rainier Beach High School. Over the past four years, he’s spent lots of quality time at the Smilow Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club. He participates in the Keystone Club leadership program and plays basketball—in addition to working with and mentoring other kids and teens.

“Lamar was an easy choice for Youth of the Year,” says Club staff member TK Campbell. “Through his years at the Boys & Girls Club, he’s shown perseverance and has become an incredible leader, friend, and mentor for others.

Prior to joining BGCKC, Lamar was dealing with a lot of pressures at home and in school. He was getting involved with the wrong crowds and his school work was suffering. Once he began attending the Club

his life took a positive turn—and he was able to improve his grades and get on a solid track towards graduation.

The Club quickly became my safety net. It was a place that allowed me to focus and find myself, without all of the distractions of home and school.

This exceptional youth has taken on many leadership roles through Keystone. He spends most of his time at the Club encouraging others to be their best selves. He invites kids and other teens into the Club by organizing events, activities, and other projects. “Lamar is always looking for a positive approach to engage peers and bring them into the safety and support of the Club,” says TK.


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