Elijah is an Emerging Leader Among the Group

We want to recognize Elijah for his outstanding performance in the TeamWork Internship!



Elijah started in our TeamWork Sounders Program in February of 2018, and in June he landed a spot as a CenturyLink Field Tour Guide with the Seahawks, a pilot internship program this year. Five YouthForce interns train for the position by shadowing current CenturyLink Tour Guides in July and will lead groups independently later this summer and fall. Elijah says one of the coolest parts so far is, “meeting people from all over the world.” 

“The Tour Guides are super helpful in answering all my questions. You can tell they know a lot about this stadium. Any question that's asked, they know what to say.”

When asked how he feels about leading groups on his own, Elijah says he think he can handle it. “You know, 85% of the job is just about confidence. You just need to listen and be really attentive as you're learning to get the facts straight.”


You know, 85% of the job is just about confidence.”


Confidence is certainly a quality Elijah possesses, and it's already bringing him far in life. TeamWork Program Director, Austin Bergeron, speaks to some of his other notable qualities. “Elijah is a capable and dedicated team member who always brings his ‘best self' to the task. Whether it's working at Sounders games or participating in workshops, he is always willing to try new things and learn new skills. His positive attitude and kindness set an example for others to follow, and for that reason he is an emerging leader among the group.”

Elijah graduated from Rainier Beach this spring and will be attending South Seattle this fall. We asked him to give advice to younger interns as they plan out their high school years, and he had several positive things to say.

“There's staff at your high school that care a lot — take advantage of the fact that they do. And do everything early. Time is everything. You can't get to the fruits of life if you don't work for it.”

Right now, for Elijah, the fruits are a plenty.


You can't get to the fruits of life if you don't work for it.”